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Bizzare problem with playing spotify music online / offline


Bizzare problem with playing spotify music online / offline



I have run into strange issue, which has been stopping me from using spotify client on Android. I started to happen a lot more often lately. It looks like this. You open Spotify application, start playing random song, does not matter if it is online / offline saved. Song starts to play, then it turns out that I can not do anything else with it. Can't stop it, pause it, rewind, change to other song. All controls are working fine, but nothing happens. Previously I thougth this is problem with offline mode, but I just stopped to sync music to offline mode and the same happens in online.

The workaround I found for it, when it happens, just disable wifi and cellular data. After a second or two, song will stop to play. Once data connection gets enabled again, spotify client will work for couple of hours fine. Then the same


I have HTC ONE M7 with latest stock firmware, I have cleaned up phone, reinstalled spotify client number of times, no luck. Hopefully someone from support team will take a look on this issue, because I'm not the only one with this problem. Couple of my frieds have the same issue. It was reported to the support, no replay for a week.





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I was instructed by Spotify support to clean application data, uninstall and update. In my case it worked. After update from last week (not the one from today), it turns out it is working fine. I will update if my issue is gone or back

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Do you have a case number from when you contacted Spotify? I can get it escalated for you.

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I've been having similar issues with the app "freezing".


  • I'll be playing a downloaded or streamed song and try to pause it, but the app will continue to play even though the app is displaying that it is paused. 
  • I'm then unable to navigate within the app (Skip, Rewind, Spotify Menu).
  • About 15-20 seconds after hitting pause and the song continuing to play, the song will finally stop, the app will go to the black Spotify screen with only the Spotify Menu icon, then open to the Your Music screen.

The workaround miduchp mentioned doesn't work for me (this has happened with my phone in Airplane Mode and on downloaded playlists). 


I've restarted my phone after updates,cleared the cache, uninstalled/reinstalled, formatted the Ext SD, etc. but it still continues. I've also followed the guides here and here because I also have the issue where Spotify immediately opens to the black screen after rebooting. 


I'm on a Note 3; Android 4.4.4; Spotify; Premium



I've encountered this issue at least 7 times since updating to Spotify about 13 hours ago, which is a huge increase from once or twice a day with the previous versions of the app. 


The amount of time "trying" to listen via the Android app has been similar to previous days. 

This problem is coming and going in my case. There were days when client was unusable. Now it is much better. I'm not sure what is the problem. Yesterday I didn't have any problems, maybe it get fixed with latest update. I will let you know.

I've been having this problem for the past few weeks. I use Spotify a lot on my phone (premium user for a few years) especially on my commute so the freezing is quite annoying. Frustratingly, I don't notice an issue until I need to skip, and then it won't skip. I have to resort to the very heavy handed route of terminating the app through 'force stop' in app settings, and restarting Spotify. 


Glad to see I'm not the only one who gets this, and that someone else has already tried the clean install (didn't really savour the idea of re-downloading the entire library) 


Any inputs from Spotify staff on this one? 

I contacted Spotfiy Jan. 24th regarding the problem as it started to get out of hand. They disconnected my app on their end, I cleared the cache, uninstalled, restarted, and re-installed which worked okay for a bit.

Since I'm back at work today, I've been putting it to the test, and the issue is still occurring.

I can't pin point exactly what's causing it. Sometime's I can listen and skip/pause songs for 20mins without issue then it'll happen on it's own. Other times I play one song, try to skip the next, and it will freeze. It seems to happen most when the device is coming from a locked state, but like I mentioned above, it really varies.

After going back and forth with Spotify testing, wiping, uninstallling, etc., I'm still encounting this issue quite frequently. 

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I was instructed by Spotify support to clean application data, uninstall and update. In my case it worked. After update from last week (not the one from today), it turns out it is working fine. I will update if my issue is gone or back

Since I have over 5Gb of offline playlists I'm always loathe to clear the data from my device because downloading them all again is time consuming and data heavy.


Since miduchp posted I tried it last night, and today was the first time in a long time that I've been able to skip freely on my way to work without the playback controls freezing. 


So far so good, I'll post again in about a week to confirm if it's fully resolved or not 

Happy to confirm still working. I've had some slow responses when skipping heavily on very large playlists, but it catches up quickly enough. No out-and-out freezing like I was before the re-install. 


Solution above confirmed

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