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Broken Android App

Broken Android App

I used the Android Preview since its release.  I didn't have any problems with the Preview version.  I updated to the official Spotify app in the Google Play store and now I'm having problems listening to my music.  If I choose a playlist, the app plays that song.  Then it plays about 1 minute of the next song and quits.  It removes all remaining songs from the queue and goes to a black screen like it finished playing the whole playlist.  This happens with online and offline songs.


I've uninstalled and reinstalled the app serveral times and I get the same results each time.  

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Try clearing the app's data/cache in Android system settings > Manage Apps before doing the uninstall then reinstall. Also restart the phone between the install and starting the app as this has helped me
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I have the same issue, installed on a new samsung galaxy s3. I had the same issue on my htc desire hd as well. I searched a lot and a lot of people seem to be having this issue with the new version. The preview version worked fine for me on the desire hd, but the version from the play store gave me issues on the desire hd and now on the galaxy s3.

I have the same problem. See:

Also, if you havn't already, email spotify so they know its affecting numerous people...


I posted my temporary fix in the other thread, but might as well post it here as well:

@Kalliban wrote:

I "fixed" this issue on my phone by installing the preview version again. (Found here)

The negative sides of this (for me) are that the playlists don't have the folder structure and that the shuffle-setting reverts to normal each time I start the app.

The folder structure is no biggie since the downloaded playlists appear on top, and I just have to remember to enable shuffle each time I start spotify.


I'll keep an eye out and will keep the preview version until this issue is fixed :smileyhappy:


Thanks for the info Kalliban.  I had thought about reverting to the preview version.  But I've spent a lot of time sorting my music with folders.  I don't download much to my phone so the downloads section isn't much help.  I stream anything that isn't a local song.


I hope they get this resolved soon.

Thanks for the info licenced.  I've tried these steps as well.  Didn't help me any.

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