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Cannot re-connect to speaker (Android)

Cannot re-connect to speaker (Android)

Using the Android app, if I connect to a speaker, then go back to listening on my phone (either manually or because I pause the music and the speaker connection times out), I am unable to reconnect to any speaker unless I restart the phone. When I try, it just says "Connecting..." regardless of whether I am trying the same speaker of a different one. After restarting the phone, I can connect.

This has been happening for a week. Everything worked fine before. All devices are on the same network. I have tried:
- restarting the network
- restarting the chromecast speakers
- clearing the Spotify app cache
- force-closing the Spotify app on the phone
- turning wifi on and off on the phone
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I have had a similar problem Spotify Android app does not 'see' my Sonos devices, but oddly the PC Desktop Spotify app is fine - is there a resolution to this problem?

This is not my issue. The app can "see" the speakers, but cannot connect. Also, this is happening with Chromecast speakers.


In case this helps, we do have one Sonos speaker and I have to open the Sonos app before the Spotify app can see that speaker.


Hey folks,


Thank you for reaching out to the Community.


We see that you've tried some troubleshooting so far. Does this happen when trying to connect to your speakers through any android device? Does the same experience happen then?


We would recommend as a next step to perform a clean uninstall of the app from your phone, that's a more thorough removal of Spotify and it will help you start with the app anew. You can follow steps on how to perform on this link.


Keep us posted!




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