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Change Order of Playlists

Change Order of Playlists

How do you change the order that your playlists appear on the app/web player?


In the app, you have the option to "Sort By" a few different options, but none of them allow you to customize the order in which your own playlists appear, only choose between alphabetical, most recently played, etc.


Android Operating Device/Chromebook

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Thank you


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Hi wohl,

Thanks for getting in touch with the community!


Unfortunately, there is no such option in the mobile application - yet. You can sort the order of your playlists on your computer, in the desktop application, which then will sync to your mobile app.


You may submit your idea, or support an already existing one, regarding this topic in the Idea Submission section of the community here.


All the best,


Hey Robert,


Thank you for claifying that. 


Where is the option to change the playlist order on the desktop app? Under the playlist tab, I dont see the three lines that exist on the mobile app. It also won't allow me to drag the playlists.


Lenovo N21 Chromebook


Thanks again!

Hi wohl!


You sort them by simply clicking and dragging the playlists to desired positions. If you hit the top of the playlist list in the mobile app, you will see three lines, when pressed these will give you sorting options.


You can also check different third-party apps which helps you to sort and organize your playlists.


I recorded a short clip showing how to "Sort by..." your playlists in the mobile app:



Hope this helps!


All the best,


Is there a way to change positions of the songs in the playlist?

Hey there @LawryPopson


Thanks for reaching out to the Community about this. 

Changing positions of the songs in a playlist is currently only possible within the Spotify desktop app. You can do this by simply drag-and-dropping the track with the cursor of your mouse. 


Once you've changed the song order on the desktop app the same order will also appear on your mobile device. 


Hope this helps. Let us know if you have any more questions. 

Hi Ivan,


Where I can accept this as solution? I can't find that kind of function anywhere from this community.

Hi Ivan,
I can see your post is quite recent but this feature seems not to exist anymore on the latest desktop app, though. My desktop client's version is (MacOS) and drag'n dropping has no effect 🤷🏼‍Has this feature been removed ?
Thanks !

What I just realised is that you need to 'un-check' any other kind of filtering within your playlist. e.g if you are filtering by date added, if you click three times (including the first time you click on that tab) then you'll return to 'no sorting selected' (though it's not an explicit option.

Within this mode you can then sort the playlist into an order you like and it'll retain the setting across devices.


Computer version doesn't sync list order with app.

@chrisehardy Thank you so much for this, it was killing me trying to figure out why I could not drag a track to reorder and it was simply that it had been organized by title name and I only needed to click on the Title column label to undo this in order to reorganize the tracks.

Changing the order of tracks of a playlist seems not working anymore.

I used to do it by dragging and dropping, but this is not possible now.

EDIT: When I read the reply above, I realised it had to do with the list being sorted.

are you sure that you've 'deselected' any of the other columns? You do that
by clicking the title until you see NO arrow either pointing up or down in
any column

Not sure if this helps but when you go to the playlist, click the 3 dots and click 'edit playlist'. Scroll down and you'll be able to re-arrange the songs from the playlist using the 3 lines at the side, you may also remove songs from the playlist. Not sure but i think this can only be done in the mobile app version. Hope this helps :))

How to Sort Playlist Order in web App?




Hi there @aspeddro,


Thanks for the post.


Currently you can't change the sorting order of playlists on the web player. You can do this on the Desktop or Mobile apps though.


Hope this clears things up.

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