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Control volume on second device (Spotify Connect)


Control volume on second device (Spotify Connect)

I'm not able to control volume on second device, according to thread below it should be possible?

Device: Nexus 5
Second: Galaxy Nexus

Both running Spotify version

63 Replies

android --> android not working.

@Spotify : to fix asap, this issue has been there for a WAY too long

Spotify were never very good at responding to simple issues. But now it seems they've stopped caring altogether. They don't care about simple things that would make they're apps much better.

My feelings, too.

Also, notice: AFAIK, volume control for hardware players works. Maybe spotify want us to spend more to get basic feature?

Also, we rarely get reply why we have some stupid issues, like this one or 10000 song limit or shuffle playlist on connected device bug (not fixed for ages). As a developer, I partly understand that, but as user all this makes me really sad.

Also, Spotify for Linux can't control volume on ChromeCast nor on Android. But since all signs point to Spotify heading to bankruptcy (Google it) my guess is they've fired all developer. So no new features coming our way just now...

This seems to be fairly easy to implement, wee need it, Spoti!!!!

I remembered that volume control from iPhone to iPad has worked before but was very annoyed that is what not working because I needed at the moment for a party 😞 it should be pretty simple

Download Tango Remote. It allows change spotify remotelly, i love It!

I have the same problem with iPhone and Spotify. When I start to ply volume is always 0 and when I increase it I am not able to regulate it.

I have the same problem.

I play Spotify on my PS4 whilst I'm playing and I had the same issue. I figured out that I can control the volume on it through Spotify on my laptop rather than on my phone, just thought I'd mention in case this is useful to anyone in the same position. 

Another user here that would like to control the volume on my iPad from my iPhone, please add this feature! Pretty much the last thing preventing me from switching over from Apple Music.

What I have found Android, Nexus 5) is that the volume rocker defaults to ringer - unless some media is playing on the phone.  So if I play spotify directly on the phone, the volume rocker controls media volume.  Hoever if I use spotify connect to anything, the volume rocker instead controls ringer.  To me this is a bug - when spotify is playing over connect, it should control media volume.

When I'm at home cleaning I tend to play off my laptop, but am now unable to control the volume from anything other then my phone or the physical volume knob.... Did something change with the new update? As I was able to do this before? I'm using a windows 8 laptop, chrome audio and a samsung 7? Any help would be great!!

Same problem for me. I can control tracking from my MacBook to Ipad but not the volume (though iPad can control tracking and volume). I am using latest OSX, iOS and Spotify on all devices.

Same issue. Count my vote/complaint for iOS to iOS volume control

Same here. Can’t control the volume my iPad via iPhone... 

Same for me as well... I listen on my ipad and would like to control volume from iphone via connect.

It'd be nice to have a sense on whether this is fixable and will be fixed. If not, i might invest in other spotify endpoints - e.g., Alexa dots. 

I found a free workaround: on your android device which plays spotify (server), install tasker and pushbullet. Also install pushbullet on your device that you want to use as your remote. Simple configure pushbullet on both devices so you can push notifications to each other. Then open tasker (on the server device) and make a new profile > event > filter on 'push' > 'receive a push' > configuration > filter on text: 1 > new task > media volume to 1. Repeat this for text: 2 > media volume: 2 etc. Send a push '2' and the media volume will set to 2.  If testing its good to know that sometimes tasker needs a restart before changes are made.
Let me know if this works for you.

Please fix this, realy need this feature

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