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Crashing on startup

Crashing on startup







OnePlus 3T

Operating System


My Question or Issue

 Since the latest update today the application crashes on every startup. The search bar starts to render and then everything closes. Every time. Have tried clearing cache, data and reinstalling. Nothing helps. It staryed happening after an update just a few hours ago. 

24 Replies

I'm seeing the exact same behavior on a Nexus 7 (2013) (can't get the Spotify version cause it keeps crashing 😉

just to add on some more info... I tried to play a song from the Android widget, and the Spotify notification pops up in the status bar, the music plays for about half a second, then the music quits and the notification in the status bar goes away.  Also, the status bar notification keeps returning and disappearing, but does nothing (the buttons in it just cause it to immediately close).  But right now the notification just keeps appearing and disappearing (each for 5-10 seconds at a time) over and over ad infinitum.

Here is the same since Spotify app today update


Samsung S8 +

If you are able to go back to the previous update then try that, but if not try uninstalling spotify and then re-insatlling it log in and it should work 🙂



Yes but I don't want to download my playlist again..

I don't even remember what music I had offline 

Already tried uninstalling and reinstalling with the current version on the Play Store... same result.

When you uninstall the app, you do not have to re-install your playlist, When you log in after installation your playlist will be safe and sound spotify:user:casper_k12:playlist:2d1FC8wnJ4NNHInybgl4y1😉

I'm on the beta version ( and ever since I updated to that version today I'm having the same issue with my S7 Edge running Oreo

Another option is just making sure if your device is on the latest version as that can also affect various applications 😉spotify:user:casper_k12:playlist:2d1FC8wnJ4NNHInybgl4y1

Same scenario here on my S9+!

Tried everything under the sun, sand no go...

Any progress on an update?

Yes, you could check if your system version is on the latest version as sometimes it could interfere with other applications, also if you have a second to spare could you check out my playlist and drop a like or a follow 😉 spotify:user:casper_k12:playlist:2d1FC8wnJ4NNHInybgl4y1

Been there done that. I even did a factory reset.

That really is quite strange? I do not have any more help I can provide you with except to contact the Spotify Team. Sorry that i couldn't help.



Same scenario since today. Ver

I might add I'm on a family premium plan, android oreo on oneplus3, latest stable build, rooted, magisk 17.1. Cleared data, reinstalled, rebooted. Nothing works, after logging in it crashes. 


I was able to find an older version ( so I uninstalled the current version, installed the older version, and the older version worked perfectly.  I forgot however to turn off the Google Play Store auto update and shortly after this, it auto updated to the current version and quit working again. is definitely a bad build.  I would recommend everyone having problems just downgrade to a previous version (and turn off the auto update on the Google Play store 😉 until Spotify can release a new working version.  I found the older builds at

Thanks. time to revert to older version.

same problem here, and I hate that every now and then spotify starts to crash and the only solution is to revert to a older version and download all my songs again and wait weeks till the problem disappear.

And it is not the beta version 

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