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Daily mix won't open

Daily mix won't open

When trying to open one of the daily mixes 2 until 6, they won't open and the screen is shown, which you will find as an attachment. Daily mix 1 is opening, most of the times. I already removed the app and cache from my tablet and phone and installed it again. That didn't work. 


The daily mix works on the web version in windows 10 and on an old iPad 2. I guess this must be an android issue. 






One Plus 6 and Huawei MediaPad M5

Operating System

Android Pie (9) both devices


My Question or Issue

Can you please fix this,, so that the daily mixes are opening again?
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I assume my issue is the same, but I can not read your screen shot as I don't read Dutch. However, what you describe is what is happening to me. I can play the daily mixes on my computer (both PC and Mac). But I can only play Mixes 5 and 6 on my android device. My post is here: [Daily Mixes] [Android] Can't play Daily Mixes on ...                                          


I have a family account. So I just loggin out of my personal account and logged in as another user on my family account and all of the daily mixes are working there. Loging back in to my account and my daily mix issue has not changed. So it seems tied to my account for some reason. I have gotten no response on this issue.

OK, now I only have mix 6 working. Mixes 1–5 give me the "Something went wrong" message.

This issue is exactly the same.... 

This is also happening to me on Android (Samsung S10). I am able to view my daily mixes on Windows PC, but on my phone I get the "Sorry, something went wrong" error. I am able to open my Windows PC Spotify and then choose to play it on my phone, but even then I cannot view Daily Mixes list.

Yes, Spotify is good at transfering the playing experience from device to another. Start from phone, switch to Sonos, then to PC etc. I saw the same thing you did. I was able to start a mix from my computer and continue it an my Android phone. But like you said, can't view the list from  the phone.

So, is it just the three of us having this issue? Why are we so special? Like I said, I have a family account and if I log out as me and log in as another family member, the issue doesn't exist. Even on the same device. But when I log back in as me, the problem is back. So it seems tied to the account some how But that doesn't explain why it works fine on my Mac. I've logged out of every device and uninstalled the apps, I cleared the cache and the storage for the app on my Android device and uninstalled and reinstalled it. Nothing works.


Does anyone have an idea as to what is going on or, more importantly, how to fix?

So I decided to test my old phone (Samsung S6 on Android 7) and everything worked on the phone. The Spotify on this phone had not been updated since end of February.


After, I updated Spotify to the latest version and now it does not work anymore.


My conclusion is the past few updates have caused this issue for us. Not sure why just us though. I am also on a family plan.

Yeah, my next step was to try on another Android device. Seems logical that the new update broke something. It's just weird the logging in as a different family member on the same device that they have no issue.

The others on my family plan are also working fine. I am the main holder of the family plan account, so not sure if that's another element of the issue.

Hmm... Same here.

Maybe it is an issue with the family account. I also have a family account.

I haven't reached out to Spotify directly for help yet. But it might be my next step. Has anyone resolved this yet? It's so annoying. I'm on my phone way my than my Mac. 

I have no family account and I have the same issue...

But I think I have the missing ingridient-

My account was hacked a month ago.

Did anyone had the same experience and then the daily mixes issue?

I'm not aware of my account being hacked. Everything else is normal as usual except for this issue. This started around the time of the new layout update. 

Based on my previous post where I tested on an older phone (Samsung S6 and Android 7) where Spotify was not updated since February, everything was working, but as soon as I updated Spotify I was then unable to open Daily Mix. So I have to believe it's something with the update.

Yep, I reinstalled an older version, 8.4.99, and now it works. Strange that my family members didn't have this issue.

This is what I have done as well to get things to work again

Well finally there are some others with the exact same problem.... I don't understand that I can't really find more issues searching Google. I've been having this issue for a while now (Yeah I'm dutch too, and do have a family plan).


I did find the same solution after the horrible Spotify update was enrolled (with the new lay-out and missing functions). I dicided to roll back some versions to see if the older lay-out was still working. It surprised me that all daily mixes were working again...


Can you tell me what version of the Android app you are using? As I am trying to find out what is the latest version with working daily mixes 😉





I saw a few other threads on here asking the same question. Maybe it would have been better to try to get it all into one big thread so it would seem like a bigger issue.


The Spotify version I am on is 


Hope this helps.

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