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Device won't show up in Devices


Device won't show up in Devices

My droid no longer shows up as a device on the desktop player.  Also, the app says it has "no internet connection" even though it does and downloads all songs except for the "local" songs.  This started about the same time as I upgraded the app and experienced the dreaded "white screen of death".  I have re-install an older version of the app, but my phone still will not show up as a device.  I have tried changing the wifi network and turned off the firewall, nothing works.


Thank you Spotify for putting out the new app without testing it.  Note to everyone:  turn off automatic updates on your phone.


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Turned my router off for 10 minutes then back on and we have connection!  Local files downloading now.  I did change the app setting to extreme quality.  I'll switch back to normal and see what happens...but not right now.

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Have you tried updating and seeing if it works? Old versions are outdated and not designed to work.

Also, generally clearing data will stop white screens, also make sure you have an Internet connection before starting the app.


With the phone not showing under devices, sometimes just turning off the mobile wifi then turning it back on seems to give the desktop client the kick it needs.

Upgrade?  So, you're saying that the new update is fixed and all I have to do is clear data?



Thanks Joe.  I think turning off the phone was the only thing I haven't tried.  I'll try that when I'm back in front of the desktop client later today.



side note: I tried to put a couple of local songs onto my phone....a Pete Townshend song would not show up but a Pink Floyd song did. 





Tha'ts how I found out Pink Floyd is NOW ON SPOTIFY. 

If the rest of my "local artists" would sign up then I wouldn't need to pair my device wtih the deskop client.

I did the clean re-install

and still my phone is not recognized by the desktop client.  Reboot, changed wifif, turned off anti-virus and firewall, changed download quality...nothing worked.


Should I have my devices re-set by Spotify?

I don't think a reset will help. If you haven't changed anything else in your setup (router/router settings/firewall/security) then I'm stumped. Just one last thing, can you check that your phone definitely works over wifi by turning off the mobile data connection then browsing the interweb or something, just using wifi?


If that works then all I can suggest is to submit an online contact form and someone at Spotify will look into this for you. If you get an automated reply, make sure to reply to it directly (even if it's from a no reply) and it will be sent to the Spotify staff.

The wifi works and I was able to download all non-local tracks with the wifi on.  The problem is the desktop not recognizing the phone. 


In the past week the Spotify app updates, the desktop client updates and windows updates = trouble!


I'm going to try messing with my router becasue...well, why not?


Listening to a couple of great albums I found through the discover feature, so not all is bad.

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Turned my router off for 10 minutes then back on and we have connection!  Local files downloading now.  I did change the app setting to extreme quality.  I'll switch back to normal and see what happens...but not right now.

Great news 🙂


I've looked all over this post, and tried everything I can think of. Turned off wi-fi, uninstalled and reinstalled the app, and I'm on the same network as my computer. My HTC one is not showing up as an available device.

had this issue myself, this was an easy fix. 

My mobile won't show up under devices.

I bought premium two days ago but can't get access to the premium service on my mobile due to this issue....

Can someone help me?


I have tried to logged in and off, reinstalling the app, turning on and off the wifi, making sure logged into same ID and Pssword, etc. 
I believe have tried everything I could. HELP! 

I thought the premium issue was now solved for you? Let's take this one step at a time.


  • What does it show under subscription status on this page ?
  • On the same page, what is shown against "user name"?
  • In the android app settings, at the very bottom, what is shown you are logged in as?

I thought it was solved coz I could download the music in my playlist 

but it said to "shuffle music" and soon my downloaded playlist disappeared. It told me to upgrade to premium.


My subscription status says: 

"Your Spotify Premium subscription will be automatically renewed the 2014-04-22 and charged $9.99 + $0.00 Sales tax every 1 month, unless you cancel your subscription before that time."


My Username is 



And I don't see anything at the bottom left  of the app. 



Are you logged into the app using Facebook?

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In the app, tap the three lines in the top left to get to the sidebar then Settings. In settings, scroll to the bottom to find the name you are logged in under.

Yes and no.

I both logged in using my email address and password, but they are same as my Facebook account. 

Anyways, I am logged in both my lap top and mobile with same account.

Yes, I am logged in as WonJin Ally Choi. My name. you use a facebook login on both devices by the look of it in which case you should also have premium on both. Let me escalate this to the staff. Once we have your account sorted, we'll get back to synching music from your PC if that's OK with you?


In the meantime, you could also get in touch direct with the support guys using the online contact formIf you get an automated response directing you back to the community or to the help pages, make sure to reply to it directly to speed things along.



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