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Does Anyone's Spotify Look Like This?

Does Anyone's Spotify Look Like This?

My Spotify recently updated like a month ago and it looks like this now. I am really confused of how to work it, and I really do not like it. How can I get my old Spotify back?

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There is no way for you to roll back updates, sorry! If you have a complaint, make a request to change it in the suggestions page.

What happened to the interface?

I have quite a few gripes about the new UI but I will tell you what I like before I get into the issues. I really like that album artwork fills the screen when playing a song. I also like 30 second preview. Its an excellent feature. I appreciate also that you can sample songs in the playlists to like or dislike. It saves skips but it doesn't help as much in a 100 song playlist. My preference is to just start the music, let it play and keep my hands off the phone. The less clicking the better. Which brings me to my issue with the new UI.
I find this new version harder to navigate. I have over 2700 songs, 30+ playlists and 75 liked artists. All of these things are now mashed together and I cant sort through them. I can't search within the library by artist, album or playlist. Its just all jumbled together and I have to scroll through hundreds of playlists.

The home screen prioritizes recently played and playlists that I don't follow. I preferred when the home screen had Discover weekly and artists/songs you might like. I like it to show a record of things I'm listening too and not just random suggestions of playlists.

What happened to radio? I don't even see that feature and I used it a lot.

The premium ad is above the content I'm looking at and I have to constantly scroll down to just hit shuffle. Its not user friendly.

I really don't like that songs are no longer listed vertically but centered in a paragraph format. People are used to list formats. Its cleaner and concise.

The update is just really messy to me. Please fix these things. I really like Spotify but this just really takes the simplicity and fun out of playing music. Thanks

Mine is the same and am very dissapointed. This is a horrible update, and from what I'm seeing there is no way to go back.  I hate the update and am looking for another streaming music app.

I read under a different post that this is a new UI that Spotify is trying out on some users, I guess including me. I hate it. 

Hi folks, welcome to the Spotify Community. 


We're always testing things in order to improve Spotify. There's more info here: 


We don't have any more info to share right now, but we'll pass your feedback along to the right folks.

This seems to be for "FREE" users only. As soon as you sign up for Premium it will go back to the old UI.

Yeah I hate it too. Apparently there is no way to go back an update. so im seriously trying to work out what other streaming service i could go to. The previous update was fine. I liked the folders that you could have different playlists in. In the much older versions you could see who was following your playlists, I would like to see that back. Ive been using spotify religiously for like 5 years. Spotify seriously need to change it back to normal. Even the searching an artist is so hard to use. you can't seem to see albums in date order or anything. It would be good if you could just design your own spotify layout haha.


whats it look like for premium?

Um yeah, mine looks like the first person’s and it just suddenly did that itself today... I don’t want to be mean or rude but I really really do not like it at all. It’s not as easy to save songs, it’s hard to go through my playlists, I can see my friends who are following me, I can’t check their stuff out....? I even tried searching their usernames and they didn’t come up. I’m not very happy about it, even if I was just randomly selected for a test of this version, I’d like to have it go back please? I’m really irritated it just changed it without my permission as well. I miss how it was for me yesterday, withuch easier navigation and I could see all the songs in my playlists without having to click extra things. I loved the swipe left to save a song, that made it extra fast and easy and now I have to heart it or go into the dots or click on the songs listed in playlists which is really inconvenient, and I go through playlists and save random songs all the time and now it just a lot more work. Thanks for your consideration and for trying to make Spotify better, but honestly I think this version is a large step down. 

Sorry I didn’t read through that well enough, I CAN NOT see friends I am following or that are following me. That’s what I meant

This update makes spotify almost unusable, it’s a jumbled mess. The old version was simple, clean, and easy to navigate. Now I have a hard time finding anything and I can’t even add whole albums to playists or even edit playlists in general. Each artist you look up has just a paragraph of their random songs and you can’t even tell which is their most played or which album it’s even from. I’ve also noticed you can’t even follow/unfollow artists now either you can only “like” them lol. I feel like this is just a stunt by spotify to get more people to buy premium smh.

If you pay for Premium you get all of the old features back.

Yes exactly. I texted my sister yesterday in my annoyance, and she pays for premium so she was like “What update?” I sent her pictures and descriptions and she said it sounded like it sucked.

I was content to not download songs for offline playing, etc (all the things premium users can do that non-premiums/me can’t) but now it’s just ridiculous. I just want to listen to music without buying thousands of songs. I get that they need to make money, but for people who don’t want to pay or can’t pay, it’s super inconvenient and sucky. 

Idk. I’m sure I’ll get used to it, but I won’t ever like it. 

Not to mention it drains my battery like none other 😕

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