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Equalizer on LG G5

Equalizer on LG G5



I had a Nexus 5 for two years, and I used Spotify equalizer without a problem. But when I switched to a new LG G5, the Eq. option from the config menu vanished. I've contacted LG, they gave me the best answer possible: use the included Music app, made by LG.

Obviously, its Eq. doesn't affect Spotify. Is there any way to get back the Eq. included in Spotify app?

I'm currently on Android 6.0.1.

Thanks in advance!

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Same problem here bro, I was using Samsung S6, no problem at all. That would be love to know the solution there might have. Cheers.

The problem is with LG. They disable the ability to use third party equalisers. Has been this way since G3 model (I have the G3). Nothing that Spotify can do about it.

Try the thisrd party equalizers available in the Play store. They should work with all music players, including spotify.

Do you have any good suggestions? I don't mind paying a little bit, so it doesn't have to be free.
Also, why can't Spotify include a custom equalizer, just like Poweramp does?



If you can upgrade to Anroid 7, give it a shot. I've seen an LG G5 with Android 7 and there's an Equalizer.

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