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I have a Samsung A3 2017. When I try to download a playlist, one song will download then the the download stops and the message 'go online to download' appears. Spotify connect does not work correctly either. I can connect to a speaker but the back, play, pause and forward buttons do not work and I have to use my laptop to stop playback.


I also have a Samsung Tablet 4 and playlists download onto that device via the same wifi network without issue. I am also able to download playlists onto my Windows 10 Lenovo Yoga 11. Basically, the issue seems to be only with the Samsung A3 2017. 


I have reinstalled multiple times, cleared the cache, cleared data etc as advised on other threads on this site, with no success. I also have 5GB of space for data as I haven't yet been able to download more that 3 songs.


Can you please advise.



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Did you get an answer for this? I have the same problem from my Samsung active watch 2. It will pull up one song and the rest say  "please go online". I am online lol. I am so confused. I have spent hours trying to get this and really want to return the watch now. 

Hey there @sarakelly23,


Welcome to the Community! We're happy to help.


Make sure that both your phone and smartwatch are connected to the same Wi-Fi. Open the Spotify App on your Galaxy Watch Active 2, go to Settings> Playback> Tap on Standalone. You should get the message You're now streaming on your watch.


After that go to Your Music> Your Playlists. You should now see the Download option available.


Doing this should enable you to download whole playlists and listen to them offline.  


Hope this helps. Let us know if you have any more questions.
Have an awesome day!  

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I love you! I have done that SOOOO many times and for some reason, now it worked! how long does it typically take to download a playlist with 10-20 songs?

Yes! So far it says it is downloading. Not sure how long that takes????? any ideas

yep. it did it again. it says it is downloading and after 10 minutes, nothing changes and then I get a message that says "please go online" with and arrow. This is under the downloading button. How do I know when a playlist is downloaded? What should I see in another area? What would the next step be after downloading to listen?

Hi @sarakelly23,


Thanks for getting back to us.​​​​​


Can you try restarting your router? Plug the power connector out and wait 30 seconds > plug it back in and wait about a minute for everything to get configured.


If it's possible try doing the steps from our previous post using another network or the mobile data and create a hotspot.


Keep us posted. We'll be looking out for your reply.


Have a great day!

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