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Group Session bugs



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Just testing out the Group Session feature this morning at work with my friend, and having some issues. First off, if i connected with my headphones unplugged, then plugged them in to start listening, it was disconnect the session. So tried scanning the code with headphones already in and that seemed to work.


However, it then was playing with no volume on my phone. the songs were 'playing' as the time was elapsing, but no sound. The volume was turned up so i know it wasn't that, and as soon as i left the session, songs were playing just fine. I'm at work so can't test it with headphones unplugged, but that would be of no use to me anyway. Weird thing was that it was working just fine for my friend, who was the 'lead' account in the session (in that i scanned his code).


I know it's a new feature, but I feel that for the £15pm I pay for Premium Family membership, this shouldn't happen. Any ideas from anyone, or anyone had the same issues?




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Re: Group Session bugs


I have the same problem.

Group session between Samsung Galaxy 8 and a Samsung Galaxy 9. Only the lead account has audio, the one that has connected doesn't. How do I solve this?

This issue makes the group session worthless as there is no 'group' despite being connected and you can see the music plays you can't hear anything.