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Hi how can i remove downloaded songs not only from playlist rather also from the cell phone device?
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Go to settings, scrooll down to the bottom and click on 'Delete cache and saved data'. That will delete your downloaded files. If you want to delete a particular song, in the player screen, unmark the green check to the left of the song's title.

Thanks very much it works 🙂

I deleted certain songs as you mentioned by unticking the green arrow. But it doesn't delete those songs from my disk space as my available memory is still the same. If I were to delete cache, it'll delete my whole library.

Does it actually delete the songs from my saved playlist because I don't want to delete the songs itself I just want to undownload it. Does that make sense?

At the top of the playlist, there is a "download" button (currently green) click it so the songs Undownload and you keep your playlist.

they do not undownload if I click the green button. they stay downloaded.

if I do remove the song undownloads but it also is removed from the library.


you can even not immediately save the album again. you have to be patient and wait a minute until the songs are removed. then only you can add the album again and the songs are not still downloaded.


Hi, this doesn't work for me.... I've removed the downloaded playlist but even though the green arrow isn't there anymore, my storage is still full despite me just removing 20 hours worth of music by un-downloading the playlist... can you help?

Reinstalling spotify following all the steps here will free up that space. And yes, I know that's a carp solution but it's the only thing which works.

It actually remains in memory for a bit just incase you removed it by accident.

Uncheck all the downloaded tracks in your library you want to remove and then try rebooting your phone. I gained over a GB of space doing this 🙂


Yes, my observation is also that I can get back disk space only by deleting all data, including settings. Very annoying.

 I can't find any of the steps to do -but deleted the app and reinstall it give  me back the space on my phone .  This is unbelievable 

 I've just signed up for premium and I'm going to come off that if I've got  spend my time   doing this   When you download Music 

  None of those options are on my iPhone Spotify that you're talking about ?

Downloading songs you've already downloaded but now with higher quality seems to be unnecessary complicated and annoying. Spotify needs to design their app better, since turning off the download knob won't actually delete the playlist from your phone. Absolutely stupid.

I tried to uncheck the button but even when I do so, the songs remain downloaded. I don't want to remove the songs, I just don't want them downloaded anymore. 

This will also delete your login, won't it?

Incredibly poor design, this reflects very badly on Spotify tbh. This is a very important feature for a music streaming app to have. Its like a car manufacturer forgeting to put brakes on their flagship model.


I want to be able to keep my my vast collection of albums because I will simply forget most of them if I delete everything! When I get tired of an album, I need to undownload it. That doesn't mean I want to delete it.



Plz update guise

Any solutions yet? I also want to undowload songs but not lose them from my library. Spotify takes up a ridiculous amount of space with song that are supposedly not downloaded anymore. Their customer service is also useless.

Wondering if anyone has tried this before: connect phone to your computer and find the location of stored songs on the phone memory and then delete them from there?  

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