Inadequate Google Wear Support and no Lossless on Premium.

Inadequate Google Wear Support and no Lossless on Premium.





so this is more to the Spotify staff more than anything.


I have, for a while, been confused about whether to continue with my Spotify subscription or jump to another provider (Google or Amazon).  The problem is that Spotify has all my playlists (and I am lazy) and had always been good enough, therefore negating the fact that Google Music integrates into Android better, or the fact that Amazon Prime works out cheaper per month.


Today - 16th January - I have cancelled my premium membership and will not be renewing and here is why:


1) I recently bought a Sony Smartwatch 3.  I now have the ability to run and leave my phone at home.  The smartwatch can integrate, via bluetooth, to, Runtastic, a heart rate monitor and headphones.  It contains GPS... so I am set.... running nirvana?


But no.  Why?  Because Spotify's Google Wear app is tragic.  You cannot download offline playlists.... and is this a new problem?  One that has snuck up on you guys? Absolutely NOT.


When Googling if it was possible I can access posts from October 2014 of people asking Spotify to make playlists available offline for Google Wear.  There are further requests all through 2015.  When searching this forum I found a post where there was a response from an "Ideas Guardian" who says that Spotify have done nothing because:


"Currently, you can only use your Android Wear to Control Spotify and that's it. In my opinion, it's not a must-have because the watch is still not a good replacement of the phone."


He then adds, with a cheery smilie, "Hope this helps!"


Sorry why am I paying you £120 a year?  Your lack of response and the time that it has taken to not respond, and, futher to that your pushing away of customer after customer who are begging you to do something about it is tragic.  I reckon that this is going to become an issue for Spotify in 2016... and you will be forced to respond, but for me it is too little too late.


2) Lossless.  This year I will buy a network streamer (looking at the Cambridge Audio CXN) where is the lossless Spotify?  Tidal offer it, I am sure than when I look at competitors they will be looking at it/blogging about it.... Again I pay for premium but your premium right now does not feel premium... it feels mediocre... expensive mediocre.


Spotify was a market leader and an innovator... but it seems you guys seem happy to rock back on her heels and let others push things forward and that is a shame.  Unless Spotify buck up their ideas and actually start implementing the suggestions that you court in your uselss "New Ideas" section of your forum (which at the moment is simply a section that pays lip service to listening rather than actually being a productive tool) then you guys are doomed.


Goodbye Spotify, thanks for the memories, I am now a premium sucbriber to Google Music (who allow offline playlists on Google Wear).

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