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Last client update was november 2011


Last client update was november 2011



I've asked around (facebook, twitter) and nobody answered me. The Android client is a real piece of **bleep**. 

It's hellishly slow. When someone sends an album or a playlist to my inbox, I can"t access it from my phone (single tracks only). The RAM usage is just ludicrous, so as soon as I open any other app, without playing music, Spotify closes, and since it takes 4 mn to boot and be usable, it's a real pain.


Seriously people, I know iPhones are the main trend, but android users are numerous enough to spend a few thousand bucks on a client update, dontcha think?


I give you 20€ every month (two accounts, one for me, one for my wife) and I expect a certain quality of service. Every day I pester against your android client, and I seriously think about closing both of my accounts.


At the very least, please give me an estimated time of update.

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Spotify and Vogons! Love it FLuffle!

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Also, I'd like to add something to my laundry list of complaints on the last page (because it surely must seem slightly incongruos that my first post on the Spotify community forums is a criticism of a service I have already cancelled):

I want to like Spotify. I want to use Spotify. I want to pay for Spotify. The service (library, desktop app, ability to play mp3s, social integration, internal apps) is the best out there, bar-none. The Android app, however, is so bad that it negates all of it, and the silence from Spotify on the issue just drives it down further.


Infrequent, vague forum posts are laughably insufficient when you have a customer base of tech-savvy twentysomethings at your disposal. We want a regularly updated dev blog, we want work-in-progress UI mockups, we want to be invited to participate in alpha and beta phases so we can help you troubleshoot what's broken and perfect what isn't perfect. That may sound like asking for a lot, but the reality is that we get that all the time from app developers... many of whom don't ever so much as ask for a cent of our money to use their apps (save for dev donations which I readily make). Why can't we get that from Spotify?


We complain because it's frustrating to see Spotify - a service which many of us have publicly lauded and sold friends and family on - turn around and give us a big, silent middle finger.

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Completely agree. Can't +1 you enough. It's the general silence and lack of a proper communication plan that just adds annoyance on top of the already poor app.


I asked one of the mods a few weeks ago via email whether there was a beta test group and said I would be willing to join and sign whatever NDA was necessary, but was told no such thing exists. I can't imagine the group of Andoid devs is that large at Spotify ... and therefore can't understand how they can possibly test the app before release to ensure that it's going to work and be stable on as many different phones running as many different versions (both stock and rooted ROMs) as exist - my company has enough trouble testing our own software and we dictate the hardware our customers use.

Listening on Windows, Android and Sonos. Tweeting it at @davelicence
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"We complain because it's frustrating to see Spotify - a service which many of us have publicly lauded and sold friends and family on - turn around and give us a big, silent middle finger." ... up the arse, gravel included - and please pardon my french.

So I stopped my subscription 3 weeks ago and I have also convinced 4 of my friends to do the same.

As me they were not at all impressed by the android app, but as me they did not know that there are excellent alternatives to use.

Wimp, deezer etc.. 


So this unrest about the android app is spreading. What are you going to do about it Spotify?!?!

@David wrote:

We have mentioned that our team are working on improving the Android App here.

This is ridiculous. Are you seriously thinking a comment in a forum deep down the internet is enough for all the problems we have with the android app?

I mean, we are paying 10 bugs a month to use this app and this is all we get from you as solution for the problems. "There will be an update of the the future...maybe"...and parallel you're releasing one new feature after another for the windows/iphone/web-client.

Do you have some android developers or is this a "hobby" for spotify?

When you read the post from erik hartwig ( on the spotify homepage, it sounds like a "hobby":

"We had two master thesis students that had built a prototype, but it was far from production ready. Me and a friend here at Spotify happened to have iPhones, so we ended up on that project"

When you have professional android developers it should be a thing of days to fix the most important bugs in the current version (I know whereof I speak, I myself am an android developer). Why don't you fix the most important bugs in the current version and parallel (or after that), release a major update with polished style and new features?

I mean, if you only have "normal" software developers, it should be easy to give them the android documentation, which is really good, and they should be in the position to fix the most urgend and biggest bugs in the current client.

I don't get it...

I have today cancelled my premium membership.   Spotify will not work on my new phone.

Sorry - get an Android app that works and I might come back - that is if one of your competitiors does not tempt me in the meantime.

swordsman2007 - I see you've posted the same thing a number of times on the board. While your comments itself are fine, duplicate posts will be removed in accordance with the community guidelines

Airhorn Enthusiast

If he doesn't repeat himself how does he know you hear him?


Seems like you all are ignoring Android users.  Considering its the largest portion of the Tablet and mobile phone market in the US, its a huge share of income that will be lost due to folks cancelling accounts.


Luckily I have WP7 as well and use that (the app there is fantastic) but I would prefer to use my Asus Transformer instead, as its what I use to stream Pandora, iHeartRadio and so forth. 

Wait, are you telling me Windows Phone's app is better than Android's? WTF? 2% market share?


and I have to agree with schmak0&, David. We'll comply with the forum rules once your team complies with our demands for a stable service we pay good money for.

Heh, the WP7 app is actually REALLY **bleep** good. one of the best apps I have used on the phone.  Still no pandora, but it does support HTML5.

I am SOOOOO tempted to also close my premium subscription.  Don't get me wrong, I enjoy Spotify and the service but the mobile app is simply HORRIBLE.  The online catalog music plays just fine but the problem is with the "offline" music.  I don't make any of my online catalog offline, because I have internet access 24/7.  However, all the music I upload that is not on the online catalog is offline music which crashes the app.  I read in this post from someone from Spotify that to troubleshoot to remove the app and all the contents.  Yes I have already figured that out by myself and you know I have to do that at least once or twice a month and then turn around and over 1,000 of offline songs back on my tablet.  It's a pain and ridiculous.  I don't believe premium members should have to deal with this when all it takes is your developers to put out an update and FIX IT.  This is simple bad business.  Bottom line I am not getting a service I paid for.  You are advertising one thing, and then your product is not delivering on it.  Fix the android client ASAP. 

They're playing games at the office -

Hell, are you bored?! Go to and learn writing android apps instead - I'm 16 and able to do so.


By the way, the only reason I haven't cancelled my subscription yet is the (at least at the moment) pretty good working linux client.


Still... "here's a game we've been playing in the office lately"... dudes, wtf. o_O

So ... Spotify have announced a press conference for April 18th. It seems unlikely that it will be for a new Android app - such a release wouldn't necessitate a whole shindig and would admit too publicly that the current app is crap, but we can at least hope that something might be said as an adendum to whatever the big news is ... please!?!?!



Listening on Windows, Android and Sonos. Tweeting it at @davelicence

While I don't have anything new to report, I'm chompin' at the bits waiting for the moment we can announce the Android update.


We've got a couple of other spaces, including this one, we'll post on when the update comes, in the meantime, add a Kudos to the following idea if you haven't already.

@licence I think the announcement on the 18th will be about this:

But who knows, maybe they will announce other things as well, so let's keep our fingers crossed.


@rorey good to see you commenting here, hope a new app will come very soon, but in the meantime, even a small update fixing the most important bugs in the old app would already be something, just as long as we can at least use the old app while we wait for a new one...

@Rorey wrote:

We've got a couple of other spaces, including this one, we'll post on when the update comes, in the meantime, add a Kudos to the following idea if you haven't already.

Why do we have to add kudos to this idea? do you only implement a new client if it has enough kudos? You told us you're working on a new app but we have to add kudos that you do so?

Why is this idea ony on status "Under Consideration" while the iPda idea has the status "Planned"? Are you working on an update or not?

@mseele Yeah, agree that that is weird, as if kudos are needed for an update for the Android app... That struck me as odd as well, considering that the moderators have been telling us that a new Android app is underway. If that app does not support ICS, well, then I would be very dissapointed and completely flabbergasted...

On my iPhone I was just informed that a Minor Update to the Spotify App was Available.

Nice! Still, I am unable to use it on my transformer Prime (ICS) though... 😞

@Rorey: Why don't you answer my questions?


This morning i lost all my offline titles (> 1500; needs two days for syncing with my slow internet connection) cause spotify tells me i use more than 3 devices. This is completely wrong!


We're paying for that...i think i will switch to another streaming service, It is an outrage, as spotify handle with its users!!!

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