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Loads of problems with the Spotify app [freezing, not loading, pausing]

Loads of problems with the Spotify app [freezing, not loading, pausing]

Hello there.


Long time premium Spotify user here. Been having insane Android issues these past few months (I'd say roughly six months), including but not limited to:


  • taking ages to load (all "pages" even downloaded playlists/albums etc)
  • black screen on start up
  • cutting out and playing again
  • random freezes and crashes
  • searches just not working (often resulting in the "oops something went wrong try again" message, or, just nothing)


I have a relatively decent phone (Sony Xperia Z3 Compact) running Android 5.1.1. Until a couple of weeks ago I had a 64gb card (can't remember the brand) which I have recently swapped for a 128gb Integral card. I thought that doing a complete factory reset of the phone with new micro SD would help, but it didn't. The SD card is a decent class 10. I don't experience any problems with any other apps. The problems occur on wifi connections (home / work / other), and on my three 3G/4G connection. I mainly listen to playlists which are offline but the problems occur regardless of whether or not the music is being streamed or playing from downloaded tracks.


Stuff I have tried:


  • turning phone off and on again: Spotify seems to work fine for roughly five minutes then back to the problems above;
  • complete factory reset of phone: didn't work
  • swapping the micro SD card: didn't work
  • several (roughly 5 in the last week) reinstalls of the Spotify app: doesn't work
  • turning "stamina mode" off / on: I use Stamina mode on my phone which cuts out the data connection when the screen is off -- obviously I added Spotify to the exclusions list, but I have also tried disabling it completely: doesn't make a difference


Any suggestions about what the hell is going on? I've actually just deleted the app completely from my phone again and have signed up for a 3 month Google Play Music trial. I guess the next step would be to use Spotify without the SD card but that would render the entire app pretty useless for me.

4 Replies

Have you tried a complete uninstall and reinstall of the Spotify app?

If not, the factory reset of the device may have deleted or corrupted elements of the Spotify app files.

Yes, several times (for example, 5 times this past week).


I would expect a (several) completely fresh install(s) on a completely fresh device to be adequate and not corrupting?

I agree, and I also experienced some of the issues you describe. Things are definitely worse since a few months ago.


One option that some people report on this forum is to go back to a previous version of the app.

Here is one (see message number 13)



I've had all of these problems too. I'm on a Galaxy S4 on 4.4.2 and have tried all the troubleshooting steps too.

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