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Mobile Shuffle

Mobile Shuffle

I listen to the same queue each time I start Mobile in Shuffle Mode no matter which song I start with.  I have over 8 hrs of music in my playlist but I seem to listen to the same hour? of songs repeatedly if I listen for any extended time.  How can I change the way my playlist is loaded on my phone?  Currently the songs are added in the order that you downloaded them on the desktop.  If I could change it to display in Name alphabetically, I wouldn't have to use shuffle?

5 Replies

Yes! I have the same problem. With days of songs on my playlist, it plays the same ones over and over.  Why doesn't it shuffle through ALL the songs?

I have the same problem.

I have a playlist with 120 songs, but if I play it, spotify plays only 5 or 6 and repeat ever and ever the same songs.

The same thing occurs when I play an artist or whatever I want.


Same here. That's pretty annoying. Will Spotify work on this issue?

Same problem here. VERY annoying! 

i also have the same issue, tons of songs on a playlist and only plays the same 10-20 ones, VERY DISSAPOINTED, i'm a premium user, PLEASE FIX THIS CAUSE IS A BIG PROBLEM FOR ME

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