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Moved storage cache folder to SD card, and now won't play offline songs

Moved storage cache folder to SD card, and now won't play offline songs



The spotify folder cache was taking up too much space on my phone, so through file explorer, I found the offending files which

were in the storage  cache folder and moved these to my SD card.  


Spotify then would not find these files and repoint to them.  i moved the storage cache folder back to it's original place, in the hope that it would reset itself and pick these offline files up, 


But it still won't find the offline songs, and wants to re-download all of these again.  I have 12GB a month of data useage as I only have mobile broadband, and am loathe to use it all on re-dlownloading all my songs.  Does anyone know how I might fix this and get Sportify to repoint to this cache?


I have since found under the settings menu where you can move all the offline songs to the SD card, but a little too late


Any help would be appreciated



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Unfortunately when you moved the files to the sd card the Spotify app would have generated a new folder in the original location and changed the encryption key.

So when you copied the old file back the keys don't match, hence why it's downloading again.

I'd suggest uninstalling Spotify, making sure the files are deleted from your phone/sd card then reinstalling and redownloading your tracks.

I know it's not ideal, but unfortunately it's all due to encryption and DRM required.

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