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Music Randomly pausing on Android


Music Randomly pausing on Android

Hey everyone,


We've seen reports that the app will just stop playing music halfway through a song randomly.


First, please make sure that you're on the latest version of the app


If that doesn't help, make sure to click the +VOTE button.


You can also leave a comment with the following details:

  • Device 
  • Device OS version
  • Spotify version

Thanks for bearing with us!

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Hey folks,


Thanks for reaching out to us about this.


If you're experiencing a playback issue with the Android app, we suggest you create a separate thread in the Android help board here.


Make sure to provide a detailed description of the exact issue you're experiencing (e.g. if playback is pausing at regular intervals) to help us narrow down the issue and its symptoms.

Thanks! Stay awesome 🙂

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Hey everyone!


Our tech team is currently looking into this. We'll keep you updated regarding this here, so make sure to click the +VOTE button.


Thanks for bearing with us!

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This happen fairly regularly for me and coming on top of that is that Spotify Crashes and reloads if I select a sharing option of any kind


Device: Nokia 7 Plus

Device OS: Android 8.1.0

Spotify Version: armv7



Edit (2018-10-22):

As of now for me those bugs have disappeared it seems like an update to the app.

Hardware specs are still the same.

Device OS: Android 9.0

Spotify Version: armv7

Edit (2018-10-23):
After updating to Android 9 yesterday evening the mobile apps has become quite unresponsive, the notification bar to change tracks sometimes won't update or even react to any tap.

Edit (2019-02-06)

For about four weeks the app is now stable, no crashes or anything that resembles a crash happened for a while. While the app still is sometimes not perfectly responsive I am now able to listen to music, without it being interrupted every 5 minutes, again.

Device OS is still Android 9

And Spotify Version as of now is



I am experiencing this, that the app keeps pausing songs both while in the app and outside it, I'm running emui 8.1.0.

What I've done:

  • Unistalling and reinstalling the app
  • Clear all cache, both in app and in phonesettings.
  • Restarting the phone
  • Exclude from all powersaving
  • Give the app unlimited data
  • Log out all other devices 

Thanks for all and any help! 

Pixel 3 running pie out of the box is pausing at random times. If I go back a menu it almost always pauses and resets the song to the beginning. Also, Play / Pause controls from my BT headphones don't work. Skip seems to work though.

It happens to everytime I try to use Spotify on my LG V20 (android). It will come up for about 45sec. and then go off.  On my Ipad (ios) and widows device it works fine. 

It is driving me crazy. I'm trying to listen to any song and about 20s in the app crashes then reloads. I've updated the app and phone. Uninstalled the app and reinstalled it. Anything else I can do? 

Turned out my issue was that the Pixel 3 had downloaded a very old version
of Spotify. A few hours later there was an update and the app looks exactly
like the iOS version and everything works as expected. Sorry, this probably
doesn’t help you at all. 😕

I have an android LG V20 with version 8.0.0. and spotify updated Oct. 14th. I will be listening to a song or podcast and it will shut off 10-30 seconds in, and will completely shut down the app. I will then reopen the app, click play, and it will restart the whole song or podcast from the beginning. It's driving me crazy. 

I had to contact customer support and they helped me get the problem fixed.

Having the same issues as everyone else since last update, plays for about 30 seconds then stops and goes back to home screen.  Same issues on both Samsung S8 and Huawei P20 pro, both have Spotify version, Samsung running Android 8.0, Huwaei running EMUI/Android 8.1.0

Hi there,

Music just stops playing 20s in and app shuts down automatically. I have the latest OS, latest version of the app for my android. What else can I do? I'm a premium member and feel like I'm paying for nothing right now. Also, what is this vote+ button? 

The app completely closes itself after 20 seconds of playing. Sometimes it will remain on in offline mode, others it wont. 


I listen to spotify every day to code, this is incredibly disruptive and annoying.

Contact customer support. They will have to reset your account and this should fix the problem.



I searched ten times a week already if I might have missed an update (I have not), I can't wait for the one solving it. ...I'm gonna check again. I just realized it also happens quite often that it changes the download quality from very high to normal by it's own which is also a big problem for me 


  • Device: Samsung Galaxy S7 Modellnummer SM-G930F
  • Device OS version: Android 8.0.0; Samsung Experience Version 9.0
  • Spotify version: armV7

Device Samsung Galaxy SM-J730F

OS android 7.0

Spotify version


Same thing happens to me every day. It is really annoying. It is happening even with downloaded music.


Running Spotify on Android 7.1.1 on a BQ Aquaris X5 Plus.

Contact customer support. They reset my account and that fixed mine.

Thanks for all the suggestions! I cannot find the phone number or even email address for customer support to reset my account.  Anyone have any of those contacts?


Thanks in advance!

Moto G5 

Android 7.0 armv7

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