Music library redownloads every time after restart


Music library redownloads every time after restart

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Device: motog6

Android version: 9

Plan: Premium family


There are other posts about this, but the solutions do not work for me and the problem is persistent.


Every time I restart my phone, all my downloaded songs redownload. This makes the app basically unusable.


It started last Thursday (Nov. 7). Here are the things I have done so far to try to remedy the situation:


  1. Clear cache and app data.
  2. Uninstall app.
  3. Turn off phone.
  4. Check that my SD card is seated properly.
  5. Turn on phone.
  6. Confirm that other apps can read and write to SD card successfully.
  7. Log in to and remove all offline devices from my account.
  8. Reinstall app.
  9. Download music library again.

I have done all these steps twice. And still, I turn my phone on in the morning and it immediately starts downloading my music library again.


I think it is a software issue, because:


  • I quit the app before I turn off my phone. It did not used to automatically run and check for anything when the phone starts, but now it seems to.
  • There is no indication from any other app that my SD card isn't working.
  • Half the time when I look in the storage settings in my app, it has switched back to Device from SD card. But then if I switch to SD card again, it happily copies everything over to the SD card for me.

This bug is bad enough that it is going to make me not use Spotify any more, unless there is an update that fixes it very soon.



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Re: Music library redownloads every time after restart


Hey folks,


We just wanted to let you know that we're currently looking into this issue.


Make sure to subscribe to this Ongoing Issue thread - we'll keep you posted there and let you know as soon as we have any updates on the matter.



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Re: Music library redownloads every time after restart

Same here with lastest version of Spotify. This issue started yesterday.

Tried everything without success.

Galaxy S9+ no SD card
Android 9
Premium family

Re: Music library redownloads every time after restart

Casual Listener

After first heavy use since the last Spotify app update (8th Nov) my Moto G6 has been randomly crashing resulting in all my downloads disappearing.  


I have tried using my SD card as both internal and external storage with no differences, the phone crashes and all downloads gone.

Re: Music library redownloads every time after restart

Casual Listener

I have the same issue on both my Oneplus phone and Samsung tablet for a few weeks now. It is subscribing me to random playlists i have listened to in the past and downloading music. Some of these playlists have over 2000 songs!!


Here is what i allrady tried:

  • Removed all the connected apps from my account.
  • Removed all offline devices.
  • Turned off my phone and then on my tablet:
  • Cleaded cache and storage
  • Removed the Android app
  • Restarted tablet
  • Install app again
  • Problem still exists


Spotify app version both on phone and tablet

Phone is Oneplus 3 with Android 9

Tablet is Samsing Galaxy Tab S5e with android 9


This is what is happening:

Re: Music library redownloads every time after restart

Music Fan

Well, here is what I have come to with this:

  • I only restart my phone once a week. 
  • I let it download my library again overnight. 
  • I copy the files to my SD card when I get up in the morning. 
  • Spotify either doesn't believe they have a software problem here, or they don't care because it only affects a relatively small number of customers. 
  • This is a bad customer experience. 
  • I am evaluating other streaming music services and the tools necessary to migrate my playlists. 

Re: Music library redownloads every time after restart


I have the same problem, about three weeks ago, it's not easy to move 4500 songs from one service to another, that's the only reason why I'm still here. Between this and the app frequently deleting my downloads, it's all too much. I hope there is a solution soon. 

Re: Music library redownloads every time after restart

Music Fan

Signs of hope...with the Nov. 25 update, this problem seems to be fixed on my device. Can you fine community members confirm for your devices? If it looks good for others, I will mark this as resolved. 

Re: Music library redownloads every time after restart


In my case it didn't work. I thought after that update it would be solved, but it wasn't. 

Re: Music library redownloads every time after restart

Gig Goer
Latest update does NOT fix it for me, either. Same behavior as before: after rebooting, the storage option has switched itself back to Internal storage and starts downloading everything again. Switching back to SD Card is possible after opening the app, but this causes all the existing download music there to be erased.

Phone is a brand new Moto G6, unmodified except for the latest official update, Android 9 (Pie).

I think what is happening is the Spotify service starts before Android mounts the SD card. By the time you can open the app itself, the SD card is already available. But the service has gone haywire and **bleep** everything up already by then.

This behavior is incorrect no matter how you look at it. Even if the SD card were removed, it's still stupid to silently switch to Internal storage and start downloading everything again. For one thing, it happens even when there is not enough free space in the Internal storage. For another, the data transfer is likely to be significantly higher than the user expects.

The app simply must wait for the user to confirm that they want to switch storage options, anything else is wrong.

Re: Music library redownloads every time after restart

Music Fan

That was my hypothesis, too, until I very clearly saw it start to download after the SD card was mounted. I have no idea why this problem persists or what the root cause is. 


So sorry it is still a bug that affects other people. Now I don't trust that the behavior has corrected itself on my phone.


We will definitely leave this thread open for others to add their voices. And maybe someday Spotify will indicate that it is listening and cares.....