Need more idea for Android Wear app.


Need more idea for Android Wear app.


Hi everyone, 


We have developed Android Wear app, which supports playing/starting Spotify playlists. 

We would love to have everyone's opinion on what other features to add (related to Spotify Playlists only) ?

Right now, app supports following
- listing all playlists

- reordering (within Android Wear app)
- mark as Favorite (within Android Wear app, doesn't change favorite in actual Spotify app)

- Request from our customers Accessing Folders (not yet implemented). 


Link to our app. (Just to be clear, Spotify support is paid and works with Spotify premium only.



Play Store Screen 2.png
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Re: Need more idea for Android Wear app.

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Hey there!

I've moved your topic over here in the Android section since it's not really a feature request for Spotify.


Maybe a way to save songs in your playlist to 'Your Music'?