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New Android ICS beta Application Available for Download


New Android ICS beta Application Available for Download

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I'm guessing the inability to add albums to a playlist is a known issue?
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I have been experiencing the same exact issue on my Sprint network GSII.  It'll be playing fine, and then the music will stop and all of a sudden all of my recently downloaded playlists will be gone.  Sometimes when I go to redownload them they reappear immediately, as echoed by Timoteo.  It's quite frustrating, as the App works well aside from this one issue.  It happened to me twice today, as a matter of fact.


I also have an issue with the music not starting up again after a text message is received and a notification sound is played.


Otherwise, great update and looking forward to the actual release!

Yep, really hoping they add Add To Playlist when, eventually, the apparently goes live
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Having the same issue with adding album playlists from the android app: They play for one or two minutes, then music stops and they are gone.


Quickly going to the PC app and adding the playlist from there is also not an option: It takes forever to synchronize the playlist to the Android app. It says "Loading.." and just does not load.


Actually, this is using the released app, not the beta. With the beta app this worked: adding the playlist from inside the album worked there. So a regression from the beta 😞

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