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No songs or playlists shown in the app, internet connection doesn't seem to work with spotify

No songs or playlists shown in the app, internet connection doesn't seem to work with spotify


Premium family


US (currently outside but the plan was purchased there)


Pocophone f1

Operating System

Lineage OS 16, android 9


My Question or Issue

For the past few months Spotify hasn't been able to connect to the internet while using cell network, but now it doesn't even work on WiFi. I uninstalled, cleared cache, deleted the com file for Spotify, and redownloaded with the latest update but nothing seems to work. And since it can't connect to the internet now I don't have any available songs. Before you ask, I'm making this post with the same internet connection that I'm trying to use to download music, so the connection is working fine. I'm already losing faith in the app please help meeee 😞 

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Hey! Sorry to hear you're having issues.


This may seem strange, but maybe try restarting your device? That can sometimes do the trick. You can also try a clean reinstall of the app by following these steps.


You could also try removing the offline devices and Sign Out Everywhere from your Spotify account page, sometimes that can work nicely too.


I know you said you tried uninstalling and reinstalling, but do you perhaps have access to a secondary account that you could sign into? Or a different wifi connection besides your own and your cellular data? Another device might be worth a shot as well!

Hopefully one of these things will help you, but if not then let me know and I'll see what else I can think of!

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