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Notification Controls can't be swiped away or closed

Notification Controls can't be swiped away or closed




United States


LG V60

Operating System

Android 11


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Recently, I have been unable to swipe away the Spotify controls notification once I'm done listening. It'll just move over to show the notifications options button. The only way to get rid of the controls notification is to close the app or let Android put the app to sleep after 10-30 mins. This is very annoying as with the Android 11 update, I can only see one notification on my lock screen at a time, and Spotify always takes priority, even if I'm not listening to anything. I have to unlock my phone, scroll over on the multitasking menu, and close the app to dismiss the notification.


Every music app I use either lets me swipe away the controls notification, or gives me the option to close it from the notification. I feel like this must be a bug, but can't resolve the issue or find anyone else with the problem. I've tried deleting cache/data, uninstalling and reinstalling, changing various notification options, but nothing helps.

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Hey there @Dantpool,


Thanks for the reply and for the video recording! We've gone ahead and passed this info to the right team.
We can't provide you with a timeframe in which this will get addressed but we'll let you know as soon as we have an update on the topic.

If anything else comes up in the meantime, the Community will be here for you.

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Hello there.

I can identify with the issue you're experiencing. It is not a bug,it must have been an update instead.

I too,used to find it really convenient to just pause the music and be able to swipe away the playback controls bar.

And now, just as you say, one has to close the app to do that. I'll be honest I've tried to see what I can do in my notification settings. The only way was to stop showing playback notifications, something I personally cannot do because I'd have to be in app to change the song and stuff.


I think you could take it up in the Ideas Board, hoping other Android users will relate.


Thanks for reaching out.

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I have the same issue since a month or so and it's driving me mad.

The only way was to roll back to an older version and disable auto update. That's stupid. Please Spotify devs, give back this option.

Hey folks!


I don't think I'm able to reproduce this on my phone with Android 11. I can swipe the media player both from the notification bar and the mini player that appears as a notification while the screen is locked. What I can't do however, is swipe the media player from the notification bar while the screen is locked.


Is this what you're referring to? Could you share a short screen recording which shows how things look on your end? That way we can get a clear understanding of what you mean.



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As you can see, there is no X button anymore in the top right hand corner. It's extremely inconvenient. 

Screenshot_20220413-113313_One UI Home.jpg

Hi there @cian2199,


Thank you for your reply and screenshot in this thread.


The X on notifications is an element on Samsung devices. The playback notification should be dismissible by swiping it away, even without an X. Can you see if it's possible for you to swipe it away?


We'll keep an eye out for your reply.



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Sup Jeremy,


The notification can't be swiped away 

Hey @cian2199,


Thanks for your reply.


In this case, we suggest that you head to Settings > Device Care > Battery and check its current configuration (deactivate any optimization for Spotify). Also, you should be able to see if the "Adaptive power saving" is turned on/off (we recommend that you turn off this option) as it's possible that the phone manages the battery settings while you don't use the app and this might create unexpected conflicts. 


After you make any change, restart your phone and let us know if it helps.


Keep us in the loop.

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I done all that removed re-install the app, it was working perfectly fine a few months ago, now to shut it down you must do a force shut or reboot the phone instead of just swiping , very frustrating I will wait and see if any new updates that will help resolve this issue as a 6 year user of the service I have enjoyed it but I cannot be forcing an app to shut down or reboot the phone all the time, if you can't fix then you need to look at other options, hopefully you get this fixed thanks

I have been having the same problem. I used to be able to swipe away the miniplayer notification once the music was paused, but now it's a persistent notification that cannot be swiped away. The only way to remove it is to close the Spotify app from the recent apps screen.


Running Spotify version on OnePlus 5T with Android 10.

I have it even progressively worse now. Now I can't even remove the notification even after I've swiped/closed it from my Recent Apps screen. Very frustrating last few weeks. There have been no changes to my power settings so please eliminate that as a possible "solution" and shut down that conversation.


Spotify Version

LG V50 ThinQ

Hello buddy,

I still have the problem after I've done all your suggestions. 

I think it is a bug rather than a feature!!

Hi Andres,

 This has not fixed the issue

Nokia 8

Android 9



I have the same behaviour as described by the original poster. I used to be able to swipe away the "control notification bar" or whatever it is called when not playing something in Spotify (e.g. when having paused playback).


However since about 2 months I cannot swipe away this thing anymore. As OP said, I have to wait 10-30 mins until it disappears by itself or I have to forcefully kill Spotify.


Is this really intended behaviour?



Hi everyone,


Thanks for your posts and your feedback on this issue.


Jumping in here to shine some light on why this is happening.


This functionality is governed by the Android OS. Some devices have the user-friendly option to disable this (see screenshot), but it varies by device manufacturer and we know for example, that Samsung doesn't include this option in their modification of the Android ROM. 

On stock ROMs the setting is usually found under Settings > Sound & vibration > Media. But this can vary depending on the specific ROM modifications and releases.

If the setting is not available, the notification will disappear when the app is closed from running in the background. This is not something that can be manually controlled directly by adjusting settings in the Spotify app.




Hope you find this information useful. We're here if you have any questions.

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What Andriod version  are talking  , are you saying  for full Spotify  functionality  now you must have a certain version of Android OS ?

It was working fine for me till last month, now you have to force Spotify to shutdown, not the best option,




I appreciate the help, but the explanation doesn't really make sense.


The Android 9 on my Nokia 8 is almost vanilla Android. Granted, it's quite old because Nokia doesn't provide updates for this old smartphone anymore. The last update I got was from Oktober 2020.


So I can rule out that a recent OS update caused this behaviour. As I said, the behaviour is present since about 2 months.


So I suspect a Spotify bug. Or maybe it is intended like this, which is unfortunate. I can live with it, it's only a bit annoying.


It can't be an Android function because literally no other media app on my phone behaves that way. I can swipe away notifications for all other apps that play media, including an app I have specifically to play podcasts. I'm currently running Android 10 with One UI 2.5 on a Galaxy Note 9 with last update being from March 2022. This is something specific with the Spotify app and it's very annoying that instead of being able to swipe to dismiss, it has to be force stopped.

Hey everyone,


Thanks for your replies. 


We recommend that you go to your phone's Settings > Apps > Spotify and turn off all notifications. Afterwards, restart your device and play some songs. If the notification is gone, just enable the ones that you find useful and restart your phone once more before launching Spotify. 


Let us know if it helps.



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The recommendation did not correct the issue being discussed in this thread.  It is clearly an issue within the app itself, be it bug or feature.

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