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Offline song downloads delete randomly

Offline song downloads delete randomly



I have a premium account on a Sony Xperia Z. I'm running Spotify version armV7 and Android 5.1.1 (lollipop).


This morning about 1000 songs (out of my offline collection of several thousands) I had downloaded offline went missing, so Spotify started automatically downloading them again. The songs were a random mix (i.e. not just recent or old downloads). I store Spotify on my SD card, but hadn't removed the SD card or really done anything to trigger the deletion. 


I have cellular downloads enabled, as I have a 4gb data package which means I can download songs over data as and when. However this automatic download of 1000 songs means I now have no data left and need to buy an upgrade which costs £7.


If this is a technical fault from Spotify, which I assume it is, I would like the £7 reimbursed.


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Same here... every now and then complete lists of downloaded albums disappear. This behavior has been bugging me since I use the app (with premium account) on my Xperia M5 (Android 6.0) 16 months ago, current Spotify version is armV7.


Somehow, downloaded tracks from lists don't always get removed, but downloaded albums do all. Only tracks in my downloaded albums that contain tracks from downloaded lists appear to be downloaded now and when I open the albums, I can clearly see just tracks appearing on a downloaded list are still available offline.


Together with the "crashing on scrolling through albums" makes the Android app quite a pain in neck!

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