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Playback Speed on Local Files

Playback Speed on Local Files






Samsung Note 20 Ultra and Samsung Tab S7+

Operating System

Android 11


This happens on my Note 20 Ultra and Tab S7+. I have a few playlists that are mostly songs off of Spotify with some local files mixed in. Whether I'm streaming or playing a downloaded playlist, the local files songs play at what sounds like 2x speed or faster. These songs play normally through the Samsung Music app and elsewhere. It's just on Spotify where they play fast. It's really running a couple playlists that are really good until a messed up song totally disrupts the rhythm of everything.  I can't figure out how to fix it. It's worth noting that local files does from CD play fine. This problem seems to be exclusive to songs downloaded from iTunes.  


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Hey @Drew2282,


Thanks for posting here 🙂


It's a good idea to check if the tracks are DRM protected with these steps.


Could you share with us what file type you have the iTunes saved as? We'll look into this further.


Keep us posted.



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I gave a similar issue with local files o  my mobile.

Gave you had any success getting this fixed

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