Playback behavior issues on Android


Playback behavior issues on Android

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Samsung Galaxy 9+

Operating System

Android Oreo (8.0.0) 


My Question or Issue

Will occasionally pause playback of songs - This can happen between songs AND sudden, mid-track, with the phone screen on AND off, and regardless of the app running in background or foreground (i.e. visible/open).


When this happen, not only do the notification bar controls disappear, but also controls on Lock screen and Always On Display disappear.


Even if I go on and start the app to resume playback (press play) - it will, appear to, behave normally. But I cannot control the app from the system notification, lock screen or AOD. It's as if the app is not running  if not for the normal playback, playing track after track and responding to Bluetooth device controls.


Also it's like it is running on other audio channels.

Music won't dive/pause when e.g. another video plays audio/video, and if I disconnect my BT headphones or 3.5 Aux cable, music will sometimes keep playing, and other times (mostly) paus - only to resume playing 30-90 seconds later. Normally it pauses until I decide to resume playback!


To work around this issue, each time playback stops, I open Spotify, bring upp recent apps, swipe away Spotify to "close" it, open Spotify again (I know it's a new instance because seeker is back at 0:00).


But I am getting tired of this, and it's not funny thing to keep doing when driving - especially not when music suddenly goes on playing in my pocket when I e.g. get outside my car... 

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Re: Playback behavior issues on Android


Same issue... Spotify updated twice since the issue started happening and none of the updates solved this issue. Very frustrating.

Re: Playback behavior issues on Android

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I too have had this issue. OnePlus 6 with latest updates. Many other issues as well. 

Re: Playback behavior issues on Android

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Same issue.  Google Pixel running Android 9 and Spotify armV7

Re: Playback behavior issues on Android

Gig Goer

Hi there,

This is a bug that's affecting many users and unfortunately there is no permanent fix at the moment. Force stopping the app will fix it for a little while but it always comes back. There is a thread open for the issue here :