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Playlists are removed

Playlists are removed

Hallo Community,

I have a problem with my spotify premium account.

my notebook and also my smartphone (android) remove some of my playlists.

What i mean is that i download them and after a day or times like that, i need to download them again to hear them in the offline mode or in the car on my smartphone.

It would be great if someone could help or tell me the reason of my problem


PS: sorry for my bad english, it's not my native language..

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I'm also experiencing the same issue.  I download certain playlists to offline mode (I've tried this on both wifi and over network) and even after a short while the playlist will "undownload" itself from my phone.  I've tried undownloading other playlists in case I've reached some sort of limit, but that hasn't seemed to work as well.  What can be done to retain playlists once downloaded? 

I have exactly the same problem.


It looks like the app has stored on my phone a certain position of a certain date (approx 2-3 weeks ago)  of the playlists and when it is syncrhonizing with the Spotify server and checking for my (correct) playlists, every playlist that I download after this store-date is 'un-downloaded' and I have to download it again.


As the number of these playlists is growing, this problem gets more and more annoying.


Can anyone help?

Same problem here!

I have also tried to delete some playlists in case I reached some unknown limit (though this is not the problem according to my calculations).


It happens over a over again... the playlists I unselected from being syncronized in the PC appear with the checkbox seleted whenever I connect my Android (Galaxy S i9000) to the WiFi... I unselect them and select the new ones... the proccess seems to go OK, and after a while the syncro finishes... I put the Android in offline mode, try the new lists, and it seems to be fine, but after a few hours (maybe when I go on-line through 3G, I have not double check this point) the new lists are not there offline anymore.


This is really annoying. I will try and reinstall the Spotify App in my Android... if this doesn't work, bye bye Spotify!

I  have the same problem 


The last playlist I've added on my phone always disappeared

I have to add them back again and again 


But I think that the files are still in cache because the resynchronisation is very fast 


But it's quite annioying 


I have also tried to remove old playlist but the problem is still here 




The resyncro for me sometimes is really fast (still in cache, I also guess), but sometimes takes some good 2 hours for 77 songs.

But nevertheless the time it takes, after a few hours they are all gone!

I've having the same issue with some new playlists which vanish after a few hours.  But when I downloaded a playlist I created 6-12 months ago, that one is still visible.

I think it's either something to do with the fact that it's been created recently, or that it's a subscribed playlist/album playlist.  Those are the only differences I can see.  Will have to test a little more.

I have the same problem, everyday they disappear, then I have to redownload them again. Its been like this for about 2 weeks, havent complained about cause I thought that it would be fixed with the next update, but shame on me.


Its starting to become supremley agitating. 


I've been through your accounts and I think things should be sorted out. How do they look for you?
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If you've been through their accounts and fixed the problem, does that mean that you know what is wrong and why this happens to some people? Because I'm sure we would all like to know.

It depends if the users above state that their playlists are fixed now. But I wouldn't jump and say it's a problem right away. The playlists still exist, and I imagine if one were to look on the desktop version of Spotify, they would be there. 

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We seem to be talking about different things. You do realise that the people in this thread are complaining about the content of  offline-synced playlists disappearing and needing to be re-downloded?

Turns out I have eyes after all 😉
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@David: Thanks for getting on the issue so quickly. At the moment it looks fine, but in order to tell you if it is really fixed I'll have to check and try some things tomorrow. I'll get back to you!


And off course I'd also love to know what seems to be the problem.


I'm having exactly the same problem.  Really annoying.  May I have the fix applied also?


I created a playlist yesterday afternoon and downloaded it to my phone, and downloaded two others.  They were definitely there at 6:30pm (GMT) but not there this morning.  That was a couple of hours after it should have been sorted out.


Do I need to download them again for the fix to work?

Thanks @David for your quick response.


I am sorry to say the fix is not working for me... after David's fixing message I repeated the whole operation, syncronizing my android phone with the selected playlist in the PC App through WiFi. As usual for the last two weeks, I firt had to unselect some playlists that I already unselected weeks ago but always appear as selected for syncro... select the new ones... 77 songs, 1 hour (this time some still in cache), and everything was apparently normal. I disconect my phone from the WiFi and from the 3G and checked the playlists were there and working, played some random songs OK, and doublechecked after an hour... everything seemed to go smooth, and so I assumed the syncro was right and the problem fixed.


This morning I opened the Spotify App in the phone and after 7 hours all the playlists were gone. Since my phone was not connected either WiFi nor 3G, I assume it is a problem with the Spotify App for Android, which self-decides to come back to some kind of "restore point" in which some playlists should be in the phone (the ones I have to first unselect for syncro) and others should not be there and therefore are deleted (but some not from the cache).


Besides all of this, the only differences I can tell are:

  • in the desktop App, when I started the proccess, I had to sign out and then sign in for the App to recognize my phone.
  • in the phone App, after the proccess was finished, with the 3G on, and Spotify NOT in offline mode, there is a message in the lower part of the screen stating "No Internet connection", and therefore the lists I want to syncro (which yesterday were faded were all the playlists appear, but not in the downloaded list) do not appear anymore (the 3G is running normally for other Apps).


Should I uninstall Spotify App from the phone and start all over?

I am having this problem too. Downloaded 3 playlists last night (2 of which I've had to redownload repeatedly) and now they're gone after a phone restart.

It might be down to some caching issue. We're not entirely sure what might be causing this, but we'll try and pinpoint what it might be.


However, in the meantime, the best solution for this would be a complete clean installation (along with a cache clean). Instructions on how to do this can be found right here. After doing this, your playlists should sync and stay there. 

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Same problem here. I was able to download playlists and update them as I had my phone connected on wifi while i was at work. But now, after making one of the latest updates I can only update playlists and not download new ones. 


Very frustrating having to download them over and over and over again. 

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