Playlists will randomly start playing in some random order even when shuffle is off

Playlists will randomly start playing in some random order even when shuffle is off

Plan : Premium

Country : USA


Device : Pixel 7 Pro

Operating System : Android 13 


My Question or Issue


I have a playlist that I add music new music to and want to listen to albums in the order they were intended. However, Spotify will randomly decide to start shuffling my playlists even when shuffle is not enabled. 

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It sounds like you are experiencing a problem with the shuffle feature on Spotify. There are a few possible reasons for this:

  1. Accidentally enabling shuffle: Sometimes, users accidentally tap the shuffle button on the bottom of the screen, which will shuffle the songs in the current playlist or album. Make sure that the shuffle button is not enabled on your screen.

  2. Playlist settings: Check the settings of your playlist to see if the "shuffle" option is enabled. If it is, you will need to disable it in order to listen to the songs in the order they were intended.

  3. Spotify App settings: Check Spotify settings for any options that might be related to shuffle. Go to your Spotify app settings and check if there's any option that might be causing this problem.

  4. Spotify Connect: If you are using Spotify Connect to play music on another device, make sure that shuffle is not enabled on that device.

  5. Spotify Premium: Spotify premium users have the ability to turn off the crossfade feature that mixes two songs together, which can lead to shuffle feeling.

If none of these solutions work, it's possible that there might be a bug in the Spotify app that is causing the shuffle feature to randomly turn on. In this case, you may want to contact Spotify support for further assistance.

I have one playlist that I add albums to and listen to them in order. I do
not use shuffle. Period.

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