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Please help: Spotify crashes endlessly.

Please help: Spotify crashes endlessly.







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Android 10 Beta


So Spotify refuses to work ever since i updated to the android beta on my s9. I have tried everything mentioned in the HELP pages and alot of other things. The result is still the same - It opens to the logo in the backgound and after 2-3 seconds crashes completely with no error.


This is what i've tried so far:

1) Clear cache/app data , uninstall and reinstall (normal version)

2) Same above with the beta version.

3) Removed the spotify folder on internal and external memory

4) Removed sim and SD card

5) Tried mobile data and Wifi

6) Allowed all permission's in Android

7) Allowed all notification's in Android

😎 Done a 'clean' install.

9) Tried a bloatload of older versions found online (yes i know it's risky but i need my music!)


Im at my wits end - I don't know whats wrong. Other users are not complaining about spotify with the beta so it's just me. it is not my account, as it works perfectly fine on ma macbook.


Im open to any idea's atm, thanks. FYI: Resetting my entire phone is not an option, as there is no gurantee that'll even work.


Perhaps there is a way to trace what Spotify is doing when launched? Any idea's or tips would be greatly appreciated.



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