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Radio autoplay when playlists end


Radio autoplay when playlists end

For the past few days, whenever I get to the end of a playlist or album, instead of simply ending, it will begin playing a radio station based of the playlist I just listened to. Is this a glitch or a new feature, and either way how do I get it to stop? I make playlists in order to have a specific set of songs, the exact opposite reason one listens to radio, which is a random and new set of songs.
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I have noticed that this autoplay thing is on by default on new devices. I thought we agreed on that it should be off and that spotify gently advertise new features and gives people a choice. Please change this behaviour.

I did the playback auto play thing and it still plays random songs I don't like


The Autoplay feature is off on my LG but Spotify still plays more songs than are on my playlist - FAIL

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