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Regarding Interactivity and Responsiveness

Regarding Interactivity and Responsiveness

When attempting to play a file on a slow internet connection, Spotify will begin to LOAD the content, but won't display any obvious sign that it's doing so. This happens especially often on poor internet connections, or with larger files. This creates a frustrating feedback loop where I'm tapping the button five times or more, and am not sure whether anything is happening. Obviously I've had a chance to figure out its cause (I think) by now, but it's INCREDIBLY annoying to a new user who might not understand why the app is doing nothing (or appearing to). Human factor - implement an obvious 'loading' visual to fill the user in. I'm certain I've seen other examples of the app either not responding or seeming not to respond to particular commands, but can't remember them now, and am hoping we can compile some examples in the comments. Exclusively had this experience on my Android phone, which is of course totally up to date and well maintained.


Only very loosely related - the 15 second skip command absolutely does not skip forward 15 seconds. Incredibly noticeable on lengthy podcasts.







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