Release Notes - Spotify for Android (


Release Notes - Spotify for Android (

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What's new in version
  • New: A bold and beautiful new look.
  • New: Even smarter playlists on Browse.
  • New: Save what you love in Your Music.
  • New: Better, faster search results.
  • Fictitious: This app had a dream about you last night.
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  1. playing offline songs previously downloaded. It takes ages to start playing
  2. it kes ages  just to show "my albums"
  3. the app seems not-responsive in general
  4. clicking "settings" sometimes shows just a black screen
  5. turing off mobile data when playing music (downloaded on the device!) stops the music after a while…
  6. sometimes the music just stops, especially when I’m using another app in the same time, a bad cpu or memory share?
  7. offline songs previously downloaded are deleted after a few hours


canceled my premium account now. to many other places where u get what u pay for.

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So glad to be getting this update.  Cmon, Play Store, recognize the upload already!


I want to be testing this app on my drive home in a couple of hours :-)

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Re: Release Notes - Spotify for Android (

Thanks for the direct link Matze! Looks stunning on my Nexus how 'bout a real Android tablet app?

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Music Fan
Is the HORRIBLE audio ducking issue fixed?
Does spotify still play notifications at 20% volume?

The last update killed my spotify experience when driving and using Waze for directions(couldnt hear directions at all with spotify running)

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Unfortunately not, there are still serious problems with audio ducking!

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Gig Goer

I'm glad you are releasing new versions (finally a "final" version with 1.0?) but when you boast about new interface designs, you have totally missed the point. I'm presuming this has gone the same way as the desktop application.


We are all using different devices with different screen sizes and resolutions so one size fits few. How about leaving the color scheme and size of elements and font selectable by the user in the future versions? That'd be nice.


Also, a good looking customizeable widget or two (4x4, 4x2, 4x1) with some transparency options for extra eye candy. Who knows, maybe that is included?


edit: Oh well, it looks like the same old Spotify, now black... No new widgets, no customizability whatsoever, no way to turn off Spotify Connect, no tablet interface. But at least, no deal breaking bugs so far ;)

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Spotify, tell as when will you fix audio ducking bug?

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Gig Goer

I just don't get it PER .. how can spotify be so f**ing ignorant of every thread that's discussed this same set of problems.


I'm seriously just a click away from cancelling.  Can't stand the app on android .. click the title of a song, will it start playing? no clue .. if I double tap on it I know it will.. but what about having a play button *ON* the song title to start playing *that* track?


oh.. that's right you force all the schlubs to do the "shuffle" bs. ... I'm one of the paying subscribers and *CAN* play any track regardless of the shuffle bull,  so .. what, I don't get a button for visual queue, that allows me to have confidence that I'm starting *THAT* track?


I have no idea what your design developers are doing .. other than the fact that they aren't paying any attention, aren't giving people a reason to hold out hope that they might fix this crap .. and yet every change they DO roll out, seems to end up pissing off more users..


that's the way to go PER .. piss off your customers.. especially those paying for it... nothing makes us feel better than to pay 10 bucks a month to be ignored.


1) skinned interface, its been posted MANY times

2) better hinting for features .. if touch only, you need a visual clue to know what is going to happen  (example how this works on the DESKTOP app .. you mouse over a title.. and the play button appears.. obviously you can't "mouse over" on a touch screen, so the button to "play" should be visible right then and there, if the app is running on a "device" not PC!)

3) if not skinned, color and size options to adapt the application to the device we're on ..

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Could you please consider moving the menu to the bottom of the screen? It works fine with for instance 4.3 inch displays, but with 5 inch mobile displays and above it's difficult to reach the menu item.


Please consider this.