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SD card performance issue fix

SD card performance issue fix

Hello everyone,


I've been using spotify on android for a number of years. but with small capacity phones. 16gb, 32 gb and now 64 gb with a s9 plus.


i've always bought cheap sd cards to massively increase storage at a relatively cheap cost.


But whenever i download a bunch of tracks for offline use to save on mobile data or travelling, my spotify slows to a crawl with frequent crashes, general unresponsiveness and just extremely slow loading of the app and songs.


The reason for this is that the random read write on your low end sd cards are absolutely terrible. which is important for retrieving a large number of songs.


To fix this i bought my first "high end" sd card. Namely the Sandisk extreme pro 128 gb. It has about 4 times higher iops which is a significant increase compared to a regular sd card whch has iops in the 700-1000 range.


And now i don't suffer at all with performance. I wish i knew this years ago and i would have invested in this performance sd card a long time ago.


before this my only option would be to use the phones internal memory to prevent things from slowing to a crawl.


This sd card was not expensive. only roughly 24 usd depending on your region of course, but for anyone thats frustrated with their spotify app just crashing and taking a very long time to play songs and change songs etc, then this fix of replacing the cheap sd card with a faster one will help you alot.








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Hey there @11123349791,


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Have a great Tuesday and a wonderful continued week 🙂

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