Samsung S9 - Spotify not recognizing Wi-Fi


Samsung S9 - Spotify not recognizing Wi-Fi


Plan: Premium

Country: Canada


Device: Samsung Galaxy 9

Operating System: not sure


My previous phone (Samsung Galaxy S6) had Spotify and I was able to stream content only when connected to Wi-Fi. I upgraded to Premium when I got the S9. I went to Spotify > Settings > Playback > Offline Mode and enabled Offline Mode, but when I navigated out of Settings, the Home/Search/Library pages are all blank, with the message: "You're offline. Please connect to the internet and try again. Spotify is currently set to offline." When I disable "Offline Mode", I am able to see my library/search for songs and playlists, as well as view my downloaded songs/lists.


I have tried logging out and back in; going into airplane mode, enabling Wi-Fi only, testing Internet pages, then going back into Spotify; logging in and out of Spotify while in Wi-Fi enabled airplane mode, but none of these seem to work. Also, I don't have Facebook so that's not causing an issue.


I've tried to look up some solutions online but nothing I have found so far applies. Has anyone else had this experience or know how to resolve it? I'm hesitant to delete everything and reinstall the app because I already lost all my songs and playlists when I switched phones, so I'm hoping someone out there knows what to do. Thanks!