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Songs skipping half way, random song selections

Songs skipping half way, random song selections

Hi all, can someone help or guide me. My app is acting up for the first time. It kept skipping songs half way, play random songs out of the blue, automatically play songs when I didn't even touch the play bottom and even turn the volume up on it own. The app in on a Samsung S20 and on my laptop. Both have the same issues. So it has to be the account. I have signed out everywhere, changed the password and even reinstalled. Its still happening. Has my account being hacked? 






Samsung Galaxy S20, PC Laptop.

Operating System

Android, Windows




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Hey @HT721,


Thank you for reaching out here in the Community. 


It sounds like you've tried a couple of things already, but let's try some more troubleshooting.

We'd recommend that you remove access for any third party apps as you might have used your account on external devices (such as speakers, etc.) in the past. You can do that with the following steps:

  1. Log in to your Apps page.
  2. Click REMOVE ACCESS on any app.

On another note, if you've come across music unexpectedly played with your Spotify, it'd be good to make sure no one is accessing your account in an unauthorized way.


If you think someone’s gained access to your account - head here and see what steps you'd need to take. If that's the case - to prevent this from happening in the future, there are many measures you can take to protect your account (such as resetting your password every few months and not using passwords you have used on other sites). There is also a great guide here with some more tips for securing your account. 


Hope you'll find this useful. Let us know how things work out.

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