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Songs stop playing when phone screen locks

Songs stop playing when phone screen locks






Samsung Galaxy S10

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Android 9


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While playing songs on my phone, as soon as the screen times out - and locks (screen goes dark) - the song stops playing. Then I have to wake up the screen/phone for it to continue playing. This has been happening for months, and if it continues, I'm cancelling for good. I do NOT have this issue with Amazon Music so I know it's unique to Spotify. I already did the reatart/clear cache/uninstall/reinstall to no avail. Also, when the screen is locked there are no controls to pause, play, skip track, etc. These features ARE available when using Amazon Music, so (again) this is a Spotify-only issue. Not my phone or its OS.

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Hey @BooksAreLife 


Samsung introduced an agressive power saving option which is closing Spotify when the application is sent to the background or the screen display turned off. Check this thread.


There is a battery saving option that you may need to turn off.


From your phone, can you go to Settings > Battery > tap the three-dot icon at the top > Battery optimisation > tap the drop-down arrow > All apps > Spotify > Don't optimize.

It also could appear in Settings > Battery > App Power Saving > Detail > (if On) Spotify > Turn off.


Hope it helps. 🙂



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