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Spotify App for Android TV doesn't work

Spotify App for Android TV doesn't work






Philips Full HD Android TV

Operating System

Android TV


My Question or Issue

The Spotify app for Android TV is not working. Songs play for 8 seconds without sound and then skip to the next song, again without sound. Other apps on the TV work fine. I cleared the cache, uninstalled the app, reinstalled it, and rebooted the TV, but nothing worked.

Top Answer

Hi there folks,


Thank you for all your replies. We're continuing our investigating on this matter. For all of you who have this issue on NON-Samsung TVs, please provide us:


  • When did this last happen? Please include the exact timestamp including your time zone.
  • The exact makes, models and OS/Firmware versions of all your affected devices
  • The exact Spotify Versions you use.

We'll then forward this to the relevant teams to aid in the investigation.


Keep us posted.

133 Replies

Spotify plays 10 seconds whitout voice and skips to next track. This repeats itshelf endless. Week ago it worked like it should.

Hey there,


Thanks for posting in the Community.


I have the same TV and have no issues with the app. Could you try reinstalling it? Also try a different account.


Let us know how that went,



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I can't play songs from Spotify playlist on my Sony Google TV. It moves through the songs in quick succession without sound - a song comes up with no sound then a second later, the next song with no sound and so on. If I turn the modem off and on it comes right for that session but after 10 mins the Google screensaver appears. When I tried uninstalling Spotify, along with unplugging TV, restarting the modem and reinstalling Spotify it worked properly for the rest of the day but was stuffed again the following day. Everything worked fine until the last week in June when these problems first appeared. All other apps work fine on my TV.

I have exactly the same problem on my 6 month old Sony OLED  Bravia Google TV on the same timescale. 

Hi, I have tried reinstalling and deleting the cache and data stored for Spotify on the TV as stated on the Sony troubleshooting guide but to no avail. I don’t have access to another account.  I have sent a description of the problem to Sony Customer Support, no response yet. 

Buenas tardes. 

estoy teniendo el mismo problema en mi tv, lo compré ayer y desde entonces no he podido reproducir ninguna canción en la app de Spotify. Cuando alguna de las canciones llega al seg 5 es se detiene y cambia a la siguiente canción sin yo hacer nada. Eso lo hace constantemente sin darme opción a nada. En las demás aplicaciones el tv anda bien, pero Justo con esta me pasa eso. 

no se cómo hacer para subir un video de la falla, si no encantado lo haría. 

Hey @altuco,


Thanks for posting in the Community and welcome.


Kudos for that initial troubleshooting. In this case, would you mind checking if perhaps your TV has a pending firmware update? If yes, try updating it to check if this behavior persists. Remember to perform a soft reset of the TV (turn it off and then on) after updating it.

On another note, we'd like to gather some additional info. Does this happen if you change the internet connection you're using? Is this happening over WiFi? Ethernet? Both? If possible, you can create a hotspot on your phone and connect your TV to it, to see if you notice any difference. Give it a try and let us know if changing the connection makes any difference.

Keep us in the loop!

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Hey @Javierjzabalam


Thanks for reaching out about this and welcome to the Community! Hope you don't mind a reply in English as it's the official language of the Community. 


Would you mind unplugging your router and TV for a couple of minutes and then plugging them back to see if it makes the difference?


If the issue persists, could you check if the firmware of your TV or the Spotify app has any pending updates? 


Lastly, if you'd like to send a video of the issue happening, you can attach it to your next response by using the Insert Video option in the post editor. You can also upload it to Google Drive and share the link with us (make sure the video has the permissions for anyone to see it).

Let us know how it goes. 

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“Music acts like a magic key, to which the most tightly closed heart opens.”– Maria von Trapp

Buenas noches. 

Ya hice todas las pruebas que podía, no hay actualizaciones pendientes para el TV ni para la app. Desenchufé todos los dispositivos y el problema sigue.

En el video se puede ver que el volumen del tv está en 80 y al segundo 5 la canción se pausa, da el aspecto de que la aplicación se reinicia, eso lo hace constantemente. Cabe destacar que en ningún momento se escucha el inicio de la canción.

Hey everyone,


@Javierjzabalam, thanks for getting back to us and for providing the video recording. We've merged your post here as this will help us keep track of this issue more easily and resolve it faster!


Folks, we'd like to let you both know that this issue is currently being investigated by our teams and we've forwarded your feedback to them.


We'll keep you posted here in this thread as soon as we have more information 🙂



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Hola Javier, mi problema fue el mismo. Desinstalé la app, la reinstalé, vacié la caché, comprobé las actualizaciones de la app y del TV. Reinicié la TV y el módem. Nada funcionó. Luego de 24 horas, sin que hiciera nada diferente ni que hubiera ninguna actualización, Spotify volvió a funcionar. No entiendo nada pero ahora estoy escuchando música.

Hola buen día. 

Ok, aguardo respuesta. 


Got a new TV, the Samsung S95B and installed spotify. When linking the account a sudden "check internet connection" screen pops up for about half a second before dissapearing. When starting a song in spotify, no sound is played but the song is still playing. After about 10sec it skips to the next one and then randomly throws me to the main spotify menu on the TV app. I got it working randomly but it stopped working again. Have trieg 2.4ghz and 5ghz wifi.






Samsung S95B

Operating System



My Question or Issue


I’m having this exact problem on my Samsung tv can anyone help me please

Same here, similar tv and location etc. Nothing basic troubleshooting has helped ie. app reinstall and so on



I'm having issue with my new Samsung Q70 tv Spotify app and hoping that it falls down to this same thread and issues related to android as I couldn't find any other related tv app problems lately. 

My tv app does not basically play any songs, the app opens normally but when I start to play a song, it does not give any sound and after 1-10 seconds skips songs every few seconds and does not play them at all. It is eventually even hard to close the app from the TV. 

I have tried signing out from the app, reinstalling the app, resetting the TV etc. but nothing has worked so far. 
Has someone the same issues? 

Hoping to get a reply, comments and some update regards to this as really would love using it with my TV. 

thanks 🙂 






Samsung TV Q70 series, Tizen software




I am from Malaysia having the same issue. Sharp Android TV. It start happens last week. I do Uninstall, Reinstall Spotify, Restart my android TV, Update TV firmware, problem still persist. Need help to solve this issue

Same excact thing happening to me since May (!). Song skipps endlessly every 10seconds without sound. I've tried everything possible you can imagine until I gave up. Wifi, updates, reset, delete and install, clear cache, you name it. It's clearly an issue with Spotify app not our TVs.

in my case, the problem solved "alone", a time after all the measures you

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