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Spotify App for Android TV doesn't work

Spotify App for Android TV doesn't work






Philips Full HD Android TV

Operating System

Android TV


My Question or Issue

The Spotify app for Android TV is not working. Songs play for 8 seconds without sound and then skip to the next song, again without sound. Other apps on the TV work fine. I cleared the cache, uninstalled the app, reinstalled it, and rebooted the TV, but nothing worked.

Top Answer

Hi there folks,


Thank you for all your replies. We're continuing our investigating on this matter. For all of you who have this issue on NON-Samsung TVs, please provide us:


  • When did this last happen? Please include the exact timestamp including your time zone.
  • The exact makes, models and OS/Firmware versions of all your affected devices
  • The exact Spotify Versions you use.

We'll then forward this to the relevant teams to aid in the investigation.


Keep us posted.

131 Replies

Same issue here.

I have a Sony TV on which the Spotify app has been working for several years. Suddenly had the same issue as described in these posts.

Tried all below, didn't fix the issue:

  • Restarting the TV
  • Unplugging the router for several minutes
  • Installing TV firmware updates
  • Clearing Spotify app data and cache
  • Removing and reinstalling Spotify app (latest version on Google play store)


This issue is reported multiple times, any fix soon !?!??

I have 3 tv’s on 2 of em Spotify is not working I tired each and everything to fix the issue but it still not working, it’s only working on one of my tv all of em are Samsung smart tv’s I’m really frustrated I want to listen music on my tv’s I can not enjoying my sound system with high quality audio I’m using YouTube right now. Please if you guys can do anything that would be much appreciated.

Hey folks,


Thanks for all your replies.


@Onion2@31kdlecehgfkoll4vpaz, remember to send us all the info asked by @Joan here. That way, we can pass the relevant details to the right folks.


We'll be on the lookout!

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I thought my issue was resolved a few weeks back with a Spotify app update but it is not and again the Spotify app on my Shield TV is not working. Doesn't matter what settings I change or if I enable or disable developer options. I've tried disabling Dolby Audio processing, disabling surround sound, factory reset and logging back in. I've tried static IP and manually configuring the Shield so it doesn't route through my pihole ad blocker. I even went out and got a Shield TV Pro to see if it might be related to the Shield TV non pro I have. Same issue on a completely different Shield model. This issue has been here for months and has not been corrected. I can only imagine at this point that Spotify developers are incompetent in not being able to fix this major issue across the better part of a year. This and deciding to intentuonally brick the Car Thing causing unnecessary e-waste means for me that Spotify doesn't care about its loyal supporters and is unable to keep up with the industry. Good luck everyone here with this issue, hoping 2025 is your year. 


I have it on Sony bravia .. al frameworks are up to date and so the app. Had this issue almost 2 years now

other apps works fine and I try update, different connection, unplugging tv and reset / reinstalling 

nothing worked 


Hi there!
Same problem for MIBOX,  just a few seconds without sound too and jump to the next song, again without sound. 
Other apps on the MIBOX work OK, cleared the cache, uninstalled the app, reinstalled it, and rebooted the device, nothing worked  😧

When did this last happen? Please include the exact timestamp including your time zone:
May 2024 / Colombia (GMT-5)
The exact makes, models and OS/Firmware versions of all your affected devices:
XIAOMI TV BOX / Android Version 11
The exact Spotify Versions you use:
Version 1.83.3

The same exact issue is happening to my Sony Bravia 4K X80K and it’s so annoying as I use my TV to listen to my playlist so I can sleep easily. Issue was not resolved and advisors ending the chat whenever I express frustration which is so unacceptable. Unacceptable because you pay for Premium and all you get is this. Unacceptable because Spotify was named as the #1 music streaming platform but Apple Music stands the rightful one for the title for overall quality and value for money. I never had problems with Apple Music so I never get to contact Apple to report an issue with Apple Music. Spotify is giving too much headache, like you have to chat them multiple times in a day and end up not getting answer and resolution at all. The way how Spotify is treating its Premium users is so ridiculous.

I'm having the same exact issue as the other people described, it started around a week and I can't find a way to solve it. I mainly use my TV to listen some podcast before sleep and this is very frustrating. I tried every possible solution and nothing worked so far.

Spotify, you need to find a solution to this, I'm reading people complaining about this for around TWO YEARS already, it's unacceptable, specially for people who's paying for a service.

This does not help. Multiple advisors had me try Test Accounts and still the same thing.

The same issue is on the HiSmart TV:

Spotify version: 2024.06.19_4-6e3fd58 E devel-v2.281-3-997cb6126-mlpfvhz HEAD-v3.205.189-g26300ce7 1.83.3

TV version: HiSmart 2K ATV4

Firmware version: RT06.230411.001

Android version: 11

Kernel version: 4.9.243


The issue persists for more than 3 years already (from the purchase of the TV), so it's not related to a specific Spotify release. Tried all the suggestions from here, clearing cache, reinstalling the Spotify app, check with another Spotify account, even factory reset and installing Spotify from scratch - don't help!


It sometimes skips tracks like described in this issue, but sometimes plays fully but silently (issue ) so seems the source of these two issues is the same.


Can we somehow enable a debug mode, to provide you with more technical details to resolve this issue?

I had the same issue on my Spotify app on Sharp TV , Pause the next playing music , Go back , Restart the app and Try Playing . It usually  happened because of the weak internet connection , You can also sign out of the app and sign in back again , restart the app. 

This is not what everyone's issue is here. It's been confirmed it is 100% the Spotify App on Android TV devices that is to blame. I have a fibre internet connection and my Shield is Ethernet connected to my network. It has no shortage of internet bandwidth and I still had this issue. Seems through a few Spotify app updates (6 months after the issue was reported I will add and one update fixed it and then the next broke it again) that the issue was finally resolved. 


I completely cleared the cache and data of the App, uninstalled and reinstalled, factory reset my Shield, tried casting from my phone, etc, etc. Nothing worked until Spotify's Devs finally fixed it. 

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