Spotify app doesn't list Sonos Speaker, but Sonos App can play Spotify music on it

Spotify app doesn't list Sonos Speaker, but Sonos App can play Spotify music on it


I have 5 sonos Speakers and a Spotify Premium account.  I am using spotify on my Android (Pie) phone and Mac OS computer.


On both devices listed above, I can play Spotify music on my Sonos speaker (called Lounge) when I use the Sonos App.  But if I use the Spotify App, the speaker called Lounge does not show up.  The other 4 speakers show up fine.


I have restarted speaker, computer, check for upgrades on all devices, etc.

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Hi Alex,


thanks, but currently I only have one phone, so I then cannot steer the Sonos system, because the Sonos App on my Android does not work if I have Wifi turned off. Sonos App on Mac does not have network settings as far as I seen.


For now I grouped the speakers in Sonos app and this works and its shown in Spotify as Play1 + 1.


What else could I try? If I ungroup the speakers then it isn't shown as well. It looks like Play 3 disappeared from the grid completely and it worked normally for years. Could be because of some update?


Hi again @realaisles,


Thanks for the reply.


Play 3 not displaying might indeed be related to an update either to the Sonos app or the device firmware. You can check if there are any updates available for the speaker and enable those.


Regarding the network test - when you create a Mobile hotspot what happens is that your phone creates a WiFi network using your mobile data. You can then connect the phone, computer and the speakers to that WiFi. 

Let us know how you get on with this.

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Thanks Alex, I understand how hotspot works. But in order to test it, I would need another mobile, because I cannot setup Sonos network any other way than on mobile.


Hi there @realaisles


Thanks for getting back in touch and letting us know that. 


In this case, would you mind disconnecting the Play 3 from your router's ethernet and connect it standalone to use it as a standalone speaker instead of as a Sonos Router?


Let us know how it goes 🙂

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Hi Eni,


I have tried this approach and used one of my Play1 as a router to rebuild the Sonos network. It was not helping. But when I reconnected Play3 and again use it as a Sonos router, so now I can see 1x Play3 and 1x Play1 in my Spotify Connect. So now the other Play1 disappeared.


Just before trying this it got even worse - in the morning I have only seen one Play1 (and not 2 anymore) in Spotify connect. I do not know what else to do? This is really frustrating.


To sum up:
- I use 2x Play1 and 1x Play3 setup, have only 1 wireless network
- playing Spotify via Sonos app works fine on all speakers
- I use Spotify & Sonos app on Android and Mac
- Spotify Connect shows my Android phone, my Mac and one of Play1 speakers (after "rebuilding" my Sonos network I can now see Play3 and Play1, but now one Play1 is missing)
- grouping: if I group the missing speaker with the one working via Android Spotify app (redirect to Sonos App) and then ungroup them, trying to play only missing speaker will stop playing music
- I have clean reinstalled both apps on my Android, the same problem
- I have reset my internet router
- I cannot setup a separate hotspot at this moment, because I can only steer Sonos system via my Android app - if my phone serves as a hotspot I cannot connect to Sonos


Hey @realaisles,


Thanks for the information 🙂


We appreciate you taking the time to try the troubleshooting steps mentioned in the thread and we'll make sure to pass your feedback to the right team.


We're not able to provide an exact timeline for a fix but we'd recommend keeping your app up-to-date.


If you have questions, don't hesitate to reach out to us. We'll be happy to help. 

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I ran into this issue when I got a new router that had band steering. As soon as I disabled the band steering, I stopped seeing my devices that were previously working properly via the Spotify app. I tried all the steps mentioned and none of them solved my issue. I rebooted all the devices (mobile device, Play 1's, router), I deleted cache, deleted and re-installed both the Sonos and Spotify apps and I still couldn't see any of my devices which previously were displaying and working properly.

I'm not sure how, or why this worked. But I switched my 2.4ghz network (which my play 1's connect to by default) to a channel bandwidth of 40MHz and bingo! I can now see and play on my Play 1's again via the Spotify app. Maybe this could help others here, and it's a possible solution that takes very little effort to attempt.


Same here!

I hate this trickies on Sonos but I like the system itself... i FOUND A SOLUTION FOR IT!!!


same here, 2022.  From Macbook, couldn't get Spotify website tracks to go onto my Sonos 5's.  Picked up my mobeile, went into the Spotify app, selected Sonos, paused it, went back to Macbook, and lo, Spotify homepage could now see my Sonos.  

Shows that maybe streaming music at home has a way to go yet, I've always had NOTHING BUT TROUBLE with Sonos.  Seems if you unplug a speaker, you have to spend 20 minutes setting everything up again, putting in wifi passwords, etc.

Was delighted when i sussed that you can use the much easier Spotify app and send the output to Sonos, was gutted this morning when it wouldn't work.   Never as easy as popping a cd into a cd player!


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