Spotify app randomly stops playing

Spotify app randomly stops playing

I'm running the latest Android app ( on a LG L40 (GSM) with Android 4.4.2.

I always stream my Spotify music (premium account) with my wifi at home which is very stable.


After more than one year with no problems since a few weeks Spotify is frequently stopping playback for no apparent reason.

Sometimes it plays for 10 songs, sometimes 4 or only for a few seconds, it's just random. The interruption of the music stream is somewhere in a track (only sometimes at the end).

By tapping the play-Button, the interrupted song continues.


This is frustrating and annoying. It's making the Spotify app unusable. Of course I have re-installed the app several times. But with no success.


All other apps or laptops that use wifi connection don't stop working during the Spotify failure.

When using the desktop version of Spotify on a laptop there are no failures at all. Also I tried another old smartphone of mine with Android 2.2.2 and therefore with an old Spotify app (0.6): this works with no problem at all! But this is no solution for me.


Is anyone else seeing this behaviour?

What might be a solution?

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I have been having the same issue after Spotify runs for about 24 hours.  I have also found the Don't Pause app which is supposed to prevent music from being stopped but I am having mixed results. It seems that whenever I receive an email, I have about a 50/50 chance of Spotify stopping.  Funny thing about this is that I am not streaming Spotify, I have downloaded the music I listen too.  AND, I have set Spotify to be offline.  So, I tried turning off the Andoid's Data service and it doesn't stop playing.


The only thing I have found that makes it work for another 24 hours is to uninstall Spotify and reinstall it.  The problem with this being that I have to download 3+ GB of music again.  So, this is not a good solution.


Important items:

Spotify installed on my primary storage and music on SD card.

Spotify running in the foreground

ROM available 30%+ out of 8 GB

SD card has 40%+ out of 8 GB

Samsung Galaxy S6, latest android update. I have this exact issue and its more and more frequent. just like you I cant tell if incoming notifications or anything cahnge it but its actually also happening when spotify is offline. Additionally Spotify no longer pauses when I make calls, it pauses and then restarts immediatly...which sucks. No idea what is causing this issue.

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