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Spotify controls not appearing in notification bar


Spotify controls not appearing in notification bar

I have a Galaxy S7 with Android 6.0.1 and Spotify version 


Like the title says, "previous, pause/play, next" functionality as well as the album art are all missing from the notification bar on both home and lock screens. All Spotify notifications are gone other than when it's syncing music to a playlist.There's no indication that Spotify is even playing in the background other than the actual music.


I've made sure that notifications are allowed, I've uninstalled and reinstalled the app and the problem went away for about a week. I need a permanent fix.

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Same problem here!

Same problems here on HTC 10. Android 6.0.1, no root or any other mods. 

Last version of Spotify ( is extremely buggy:

- notification bar control suddenly dissapears all the time

- next/last song buttons on lock screen widget does not work

- bluetooth control doesn't work

- continues to play music when unplugging headphones or closing bluetooth connection

- when playing over bluetooth the music continues even if you answer the phone!



What have you done? I'm used to a buggy Spotify app, but this version is just horrible.


Kind regards,


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Like many I reverted back to the 6.2 apk which I've been using for a few weeks.

I noticed play had a new official Spotify update as of today 6.9.0-1212 (9th Nov) and I updated to it and rebooted the phone.


I took the plunge and updated to it. So far so good. Notification, lockscreen notification, bluetooth, music playing through phone speaker after headphone unplug etc all seem to be working for me. About time.


Don't shoot the messenger guys if it doesn't work for you. I've given it a real hammering over the last few hours and no issues at all.


I'm on Nexus 5x. Android 7.0 and using in the UK.



For me the latest official update (6.9.0 1212) solved all issues with headphones and bluetooth. Happy again, thanks Spotify team!

I'm trying it now I'll report back with results after I give it a good run, one things for sure I am going to be hesitant to upgrade from now on considering how terrible 6.3 was.

How is the marked SOLVED?


There is still a problem with the latest version of the app and the only fix is to roll back? Really?


This needs to be fixed properly.

What problems are you still experiencing with version @dcook33?

I'm also having issues w/ the notification controls randomly disappearing. Killing the app and restarting fixes it but only temporarily.

I'm on HTC 10 (just updated to Nougat, and but the problem is not new) btw.

if you are experiencing these symptoms:


-music keeps playing after headphones or bluetooth are disconnected

-lock screen controls are gone while notifications are enabled

-have problems with external controls not functioning or launching while spotify is     running(smartwatches and the like. mine would show album art but the controls and library features did nothing)


disable or uninstall battery-saver applications. Battery managers can interfere with programs like spotify running in the background. I would recommend uninstalling any battery managing programs or adding an exception so that they allow spotify to do its thing.


ALSO: the above seemed to fix my issue at first however the problem for me was conflicting music apps. Eventhough I had my phone set to not use google play music (installed be default on the nexus 6p) it is what caused the notification/interface issue I was having. After uninstalling google play music I have had no problems for months.

PS android nougat dose feature causes the same problems, but it is easy to add exception for spotify(this is a battery manager).

Notifications - select which apps you allow notifications from - select Spotify . booyah!

If you have a conflicting default music app this will not work. I had to uninstall google play music to fix notifications.

I recently had this problem and solved it by renaming my playlist. Yes it sounds so stupid but my playlist name was “Car Ride 🚗🎼” it had emojis in it.. after changing the name and removing the emojis my playlist is working like normal. My album art came back, I can now pause and play from outside the app, everything is working fine. Hope this helps for someone 

Hey so before you try going down to a different version, make sure to go your phone is allowing the notifications to go through.

Go to


--> Applications

----> Find Spotify 

-------> Scroll down and find Notifications 

            And make sure you it turned on.

It worked for me and the Spotify controller appeared back in the Notification bar for me.


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