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Spotify is auto shuffling through alexa app

Spotify is auto shuffling through alexa app






Galaxy s8


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 I have an echo dot and very recently Spotify has started to turn on auto shuffle every time I ask to play an artist's music. I have tried turning it off through the app and via voice commands, but every time I do so it is turned back on as soon as I ask the echo dot to play another artist. Spotify version is armv7




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Hey folks,


Thanks for your feedback on this idea, we appreciate it!


There's an existing idea in the Community about this here. Make sure to head over to it and add your vote 🙂


Thanks! Let us know if you have any further questions about this.


Why is there a need for a vote when you have a forum message that goes for pages and pages with unhappy customer complaints on this issue.


How about Spotify recognise there is a problem and officially update the hundreds if not thousands of customers unhappy with this problem on how they plan to deal with it and what is causing the issue. 

I work in Software Engineering and it is quite embarassing to see that there is the need to transform a regression as a "new idea" (with a lot of votes) to be fixed.
Is it so difficult to admit a mistake happened and repair?
Why the need of hiding it as a new idea?

First of all it sounds extemely unlikely someone ever wanted an auto shuffling approach, it sounds so simple to ask for shufflying if you want stuff shuffled, no rocket science here.

Furthermore the fact that this autoshuffling via Alexa then affects my usage of Spotify on the phone or other devices it simply a really BAD bug (yes, because the autoshufflying remains enabled).

It's a little bit astonishing that it takes almost a year to fix a regression or another small bug.
And I am talking as a huge Spotify fan.
It sounds so silly having your customer leaving when the only thing you need to do is to fix an incredibly reasonable and obvious bug.

The fact this is being treated as a "new idea" to be "voted on" shows how imcompetent you and your co-workers are. 

I also just signed up (thanks for wasting my time) to post my frustration at this "feature" change. This is ruining the spotify experience. I can not imagine anyone prefering shuffled songs by an artist over playing them in order of popularity.

I actually thought it was an Alexa bug because I could not comprehend it being a feature.

It is not the feature it is bug! Spotify has changed default behavior.  And it's drives me crazy.

Looks like Spotify is occupied by "creative" managers. Please, please don't break something that works

I understand you want community insights into reverting back a change but I am starting to think this has nothing to with product feature or community desire.  I think there is a business decision that caused this (maybe some BS between Spotify and Amazon) which is making the experience crappy on Amazon related devices/software.


It's sad to see that I have to choose between Spotify and Amazon but given I have a device I can't return it's looking like the subscription services (Spotify) is what I need to change.


Spotify, please fix this and don't put your customers in the middle of whatever BS you have with Amazon.

They have finally fixed this!! Thank god

Really ?

Yes. Only shuffles if shuffle mode is on. If it’s off it plays normally (by popularity). I just renewed my Spotify subscription today after a  month free Amazon Music trial, so I don’t know when it was changed.

Do you know what your right! Thats made my night nice 1 bud 😁😁😁

This is fixed!  Thanks all for your feedback and helping to keep this concern active.  I mean thanks to all except Spotify who failed to help in any way or keep us customers informed.  Is it too much to ask for you to comment on your own forums???   

Looks like I’m looking for the reverse on this thread. I want my songs to shuffle by default on my playlists. Though this should be an easy setting to toggle on and off. There should be a setting under Alexa Spotify for things like shuffle, loop. Heck it should be Alexa across the board.

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