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Spotify not loading


Spotify not loading






Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra

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Android 12


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I'm having issues with my Spotify not loading and being stuck on the Spotify logo when I try to start it. I started having this issue yesterday, but didn't do much about it other than trying to restart my phone in hopes that there would come an update today that would fix it. The update did luckily come, but it did not fix my issue.


I then decided to reinstall Spotify, and hoped that would fix it, unfortunately it did not so I also removed myself from the beta programme and Installed the live version thinking that would fix my issue which it did not. So here I am on an updated phone and have reinstalled both the beta version and the live version in hopes I would have music today, but unfortunately to no avail.


I looked in the forum and found an issue that seems to be the same, however reported as fixed:


  • Should mention that I did not have the issue when those users reported it.

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Version resolves it. 

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I one up this. SM-N975F/DS, Android 12, OneUI 4.1 exact same behaivior. Versions and

I have the same issue,  I have Xiaomi mi 11 lastest global firmware


Had the same issue. Solution is on that thread on page no. 8:


The workaround still applies. You can also use another phone or try to login via web browser to generate the login link.


Clearly, what Spotify marked as "solved" doesn't apply to us. Whatever going on with Spotify QA department, oof.


I tried every thing except factory reset. it just startes today without reason....

I'm having a similar problem on my Samsung A50 which started today (17/08/22). App enters loading screen then seems to minimise or close immediately. The app still appears to be open in the active app carousel. The first time this happens there is a small modal which opens and closes too fast to be read. I have removed beta, reinstalled the app, cleared cache and data, restarted my phone, and repeated with different orders but there is no change. The app will still not load on android. I have version

WhizzWr, and Gelith. 


That issue you are referring to was fixed on 2022-06-30 03:08 PM.


This is a new one and it's still ongoing.

I have the same issue with a Galaxy S22+ (SM-S906B/DS), One UI 4.1, Android 12, Spotify version

@OmarAW wrote:

WhizzWr, and Gelith. 


That issue you are referring to was fixed on 2022-06-30 03:08 PM.


This is a new one and it's still ongoing.

Distinction without meaningful difference.


It does not matter: to us end users, the symptoms are the same. We got logged out, when users open the Spotify app they are stuck with a black screen or the Spotify logo.


Moreover, the same workaround for the old issue still works for the "new" one.

So today I uninstalled the app and about 1.5-2 hours later I reinstalled to find that the app is working again. I was intending to try the fix suggested above from the previous issue. No idea what solved it.

I've attached a copy of my video that I uploaded to the Samsung Cloud share tool today, does it resemble anyone else's error? 


Video of my error click here.  

new update fix mine problem.

Marked as solution

Version resolves it. does solve the problem.

Yes, same for me. 🙂

Sadly, not for me. See video on the attachment.

I got logged out again, and had to do the login URL trick again.


Good job Spotify QA team.

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