Spotify on Android Auto Will Not Load Properly.


Spotify on Android Auto Will Not Load Properly.

Lately when I connect my Galaxy S5 to my 2017 Accord I get a "Spotify Doesn't Seem to be Working Right Now" error message on my interface. When I click the menu button it just stays loading.

The only way I can get it to work is if I delete my cache/saved data every time I start up my car. I download a bulk of my material so that is inconvenient an defeats the purpose of downloading. Please fix this bug.

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My wife has the same issue. Reading everyone's posts on this thread and another on the same topic, there is one similarity. You all have a Samsung phone. This could be an issue with the new Samsung update and not with Spotify. My wife is currently out so I will try the following on her phone and car later. You guys can try this too.

Check for updates to your phone's operating system. Usually in your phone's settings, about phone.

Once it is up to date, check if there is an update for Spotify, if not, try to reinstall it anyways.

Go to your car, do not connect your phone yet. First connect your car to your WiFi and check for updates on your car. If it is up to date, then proceed, otherwise update it.

Finally connect your phone like you would normally to your car for Android Auto and try your Spotify.

See if the error happen again and post here letting us know.

I will also try this later when my wife is home.

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Hey all, I found a post from Clocktower a little ways back in this thread that helped solve my issue on my Samsung S7...hope it works for you.



- Open Spotify App

- Settings

- Device Broadcast Status (Turn On)


Please post if this does solve your issue so that others will see this too.



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I may have a solution. Set your Spotify notification settings to this(see screenshot). I found this out via trial and error and it seems to be working well running S7 Edge on Verizon with my 2017 civic Touring audio system. Hope this helps. Please let me know if this helps. I will update if I find anything else.

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I have been running into this problem too.  I have tried everything mentioned in this thread from reinstalling to clearing the cache to the direct broadcast setting.  Either the options did nothing or the fix was only temporary.  Then I came across something that I have not seen mentioned before.

I am using a Samsung S8 and my car is a 2017 Kia Sportage.  To use Android Auto I need to plug in the USB cable.  My car will support bluetooth for just the calls or streaming audio but Android Auto requires the cable.

I plug the cable in and when I try to start Spotify I get the "Spotify does not seem to be working right now" message.  But, if I turn off bluetooth first and then plug in the cable, it works!  Thinking that it had something to do with the bluetooth connecting first, I unparied my phone from the car.  Plugged in the cable and Android Auto starts up and Spotify works.  But it seems that when you plug in the cable it will automatically pair bluetooth.  No idea why.  The only difference now is that I did not allow my car to become a trusted device to unlock my phone.  So far every time I have plugged in my phone I get Spotify.


So start by turning off your bluetooth if you need to use an USB cable for Android Auto and see if that works.


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I have my own solution since 2 month which solve the problem when it occures. but at the end it is a workaround:

Go to Settings>Apps
Choose the Spotify App
Restarting Spotify the problem is gone

This helped me every time when the problem exists.

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Thank you for this solution - it works in my Kia with a samsung S6. Given that I only use bluetooth in the car and the phone works with the cable I can sign back up again.

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Same problem with it not loading. Samsung Galaxy S6 connected to 2017 Chevy volt

Same issue...Samsung Galaxy S7 trying to connect to a VW GTI 2017

Same issue with S7 Edge+ in my 4200NEX while using android auto. Music still plays if I navigate it through my phone but nothing displays on the head unit

Same problem here. Galaxy A5 2017.

same issue. started with last spotify update

I don't connect to my car seeing as my headunit doesn't support Android Auto, but I have been dealing with this same error. It's even more frustrating that I just switched back from Google Play Music and this is what I come back to. This needs to be addressed.

Same here.  Galaxy s8 with Pioneer 4100NEX running latest firmware.  


BTW, I'm a developer and know my way around mobile dev and automotive. With that said, Spotify is absolutely the buggiest of the major player apps.  Almost ready to cancel my family subscription. 

I've got the same problem since the last update. I can connect via android auto but get the error so there isn't any information displayed. I can continue playing music while connected via Bluetooth but that defeats the purpose of android auto. Hoping for a fix soon...

Same issue - Galaxy S5 - 2016 Kia Sportage in AU.

Just says "Spotify doesn't appear to be working at the moment"

Then hit menu button and it sits there "loading"

There is no spotify team here to help us? Rly?

Same issue here, just restarting the phone fixes it temporarily.

Same problem with my Galaxy S8+. Restarting the phone will work (so far) until I unplug/replug the phone again.

Going through some of the search results looks like this may be an ongoing issue. This is completly unacceptable for a service that we pay for.

I have found that having the app open on your phone and playing a few seconds from your current selected song before connecting to the car fixes the issue. Still not a good solution if you forget to do it.

I can see it working for a split second and then I get the error message. My issue is on the AVH-4200NEX with my galaxy S6. This issue happened after I updated my android OS to 7.0. Please respond to us Spotify.

FYI - I just had a back and forth discussion with @SpotifyCares on Twitter. I pointed them to this forum and explained the issue, as well as the steps to repair it (ie. Clearing cache on the Spotify app, not on the AA app nor on the car AA itself)


They have responded that they're looking at the issue now.


Hey there! I spoke to Spotify support on Twitter and they're researching the issue. See my reply on the forum for details 🙂

I have the same issue with S7 edge on pioneer avh-4200nex

Yup. Same issue here. Galaxy S7 edge/VW GTI MK7

Same issue here, Samsung S6 throwing errors with Android Auto but my husband's also having problems getting Spotify to work through Car Play.

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