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Spotify randomly changes device when playing

Spotify randomly changes device when playing

While playing a song, it seems to randomly go from my computer to me music player, without any interaction.

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Had the exact same problem 2 weeks ago. Happened again today. Funny thing is that it switched when playing It's Raining Men and people now think its my ringtone.

Happening to me also

Currently have the same problem... Really annoying.

Suddenly started happening today here too. Mid song it would stop on my PC and suddenly continue playing whatever was last paused on my Android phone. Really annoying.

sameeee.. the app is even closed in my android, it's so wierd... I killed all tasks and it continued playing lol!

I'm having the same problem, either from Spotify desktop app or iPad Spotify, it'll randomly plays on Android Spotify app whatever last song was played. 

happening to me too. it goes both to my phone but more frequently it goes to my stereo which is beginning to irritate my roommates sitting in that room. 


I've no idea why we have so many threads concerning the same issue but the main thread is here. One of the devs posted there today asking for information to help pin down the problem. Please head over there and post the information he requested. Hopefully this will be fixed soon with your help.


Thank you.

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