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Spotify starts playing randomly on my Android device


Spotify starts playing randomly on my Android device

Every now and then while listening to Spotify on my laptop, the Spotify app on my phone will launch and whatever song I was listening to will resume playing on there.  My phone is locked when this happens.  This is extremely annoying.


This started happening about 2 weeks ago.  Not sure if the problem lies with the Android app or desktop client.  Any idea why this is happening?

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1. Which version of the Android Spotify were you using the last time this happened? 8.40
2. Were you using the Spotify Connect device picker (That would be the screen you see after tapping on "Devices Available") in the Android app before the issue (even if you used it many hours before)?


3. Did the sound come out of the Android device itself or it was connected to a Bluetooth A2DP device (Headphones or Speakers)?

Listening on my PC for about 10-30 minutes without any interaction with either device, and then paused on my computer, and continued to play on my phone.


And I did not see this before the issue, only after I switched it back to my PC

  1. Device and Spotify version (on both devices).

  2. Operating system (on both devices).

MacBook Pro 5,1; Mac OS 10.10.5;



Samsung Galaxy S7, Android 7.0, Spotify armV7 (set to autoupdate)


  1. Is this happening over WiFi or 3G/4G?

    WiFi, 5GHz home network
  2. When did this start happening exactly? Was it after an update?

    Several months ago

  3. Have you tried reinstalling the app or device? Does it help?



Also, the formatting on this text box is pretty rough.

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Hey everyone, thanks for your patience with this.


If you're on the latest updates of the app this should be sorted for you since version 8.4.1.


If you're still having any trouble please confirm your app version and we'll continue to help. Thanks!


Have been using 8.4.1 for about a week and, so far, this has not happened ever since the update. Congrats, guys!

The latest update seems to fix this issue so far, a week into using it. 

But a new problem came up, both the android and iOS spotify are not displaying chromecast (all other apps are recognizing chromecast fine)

Hi @mdelolmo. I experienced this for the first time today, first as I left home and my phone switched from wifi to LTE and again a couple of hours later when it detected a wifi hotspot.

  • Device - S8 plus
  • Spotify version -
  • I did select a connect device yesterday
  • The music played from my phone speaker - the only other device it was connected to (via bluetooth) was my gear S2.



Hmmm that's strange. The issue most people here were repoting is considered "fixed" in 8.4.1+


Just to make sure we are talking about the same issue, please confirm if this is what happened:
- "Your phone started playback automatically (Without any interaction with the Spotify Android app at all) when your phone transited from your Home's Wifi to the cellullar network and again when it connected to a Wifi hotspot"

- "You had use the Spotify Connect feature in the Android app the day before"



Yes that's exactly what happened except that it ddn't connect to the hotspot, merely detected it. The app wasn't running on my android and was in my pocket,locked, on both occasions. I had used connect a day earlier.


One other thing I noticed was that spotify accounted for 6% of total battery usage on the day even though I didn't use it so I guess something was going on in the background.



It started playing Bad Man's Song from the "Songs to test headphones with" playlist which I haven't listened to, as far as I recall, at 1600 local time. No idea if it is possible to find out what caused this from your logs. It then kept trying to play the same track three more times while I was out.

Still randomly starts after I hang up from a call even if the app is closed... I'm gonna cancel if this continues



And Lyrics ?  You know, that feature you deliberately removed well over a year ago, but promised would be replaced soon....  Any news on that feature coming back ?


Looks like this is fixed (at least for me) as I haven't had this issue occur for a few weeks now - thanks!

My Spotify starts playing randomly when I'm not even using my phone (not even touching) and my laptop is closed. It's really annoying that some random songs starts to play while I'm at work etc. And when I open the list of apps that are running it says that Spotify isn't even open/running but it's playing a song? How in the world can I fix this because I don't wanna delete Spotify just because of that. I have the latest updates and my phone is Oneplus 3.

OP here; I have not experience this issue in a couple weeks.

Today I made the latest software update and still after that it happened again.. so I really don't know is there a problem with the phone or the Spotify app.

Did this ever get resolved?

I'm a brand new Spotify user and this has happened to me a few times since installing a few weeks ago, and twice today in the space of 5 minutes. Not a great first impression for a new customer.

Spotify staff weren't able to identify a root cause; they said (I think somewhere in this thread) that combined desktop and Android app updates should resolve it. They weren't able to reproduce the issue but from the number of posts in this thread it's clearly not an isolated event.

Starting to see posts from users who say that spotify starts playing after triggers such as alarm or ending a phone call. This may or may not be connected but it sounds like something is definitely not right.

Hi @Joe,


You're correct (twice). There's an issue that makes the app start playback when regaining audio focus (after a phone call and other "interruptions")[1] and it's not connected with the issue originally reported in this thread [2].


The good news are that the bug has been identified and the fix is coming. It will probably take some days to be released on Google Play, so please be patient. 🙏🏼


If this is extremely annoying for you, you can try swiping off the Spotify app from the recent apps list after you use it.

I appreciate the update. Thank you.

Wow, so after what? 2 years and a half... it's FINALLY been identified. So no more "try logging out" or "change your password" or "restart your device". Don't take me wrong, I'm not hating on the forum mods... I know they do what they can, I'm just critizicing the devs. It's SOOO annoying, and it's still happening! I really hope the fix will be released soon... it's been 4 days since the announcement already. Sorry if I sound salty, but it's just been going on for so long and it's so extremely annoying. I can't believe I'm still paying for it. Rant over...

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