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Stop showing podcast at the top of my Home page.

Stop showing podcast at the top of my Home page.






Samsung Galaxy S8

Operating System

Android 9


My Question or Issue

Unwanted podcast at top of my homepage. 

Top Answer

Hey folks! 


Welcome to the Community and thanks for reaching out.


We appreciate you taking the time to share your feedback and screenshots on this. 


We have an existing idea about being able to customize your home screen here. We'd recommend leaving a +Vote to support it.


As a heads-up, it's good to know that the higher the number of votes an idea gets, the more likely it is for the idea to be implemented


If you're interested in how ideas work and how your feedback reaches the right teams here, check this page out.


Let us know if there's anything else we can do for you. We'd be happy to help.

Top Answer
Spotify Legend

Hi there @Hnakxr and @spooky_alien,


Thank you for your replies in this thread.


There's an idea about disable/hide podcasts - [All Platforms][Podcasts] Option to disable or hide podcasts entirely. If you'd like to, you can leave a +VOTE and Subscribe to the thread.


If you have any more specific idea on how we can improve the app and you think your suggestion will appeal to other users you can always create an idea on the relevant idea board. We always take new ideas and feedback into consideration to improve the app. 


Let us know if we can help you with anything else.


Take care!



131 Replies

This idea is not helpful to those of us who do listen to both podcasts and music daily. I still want to see the podcasts I listen to and don't even mind the suggestions (to a point). I do not want to see two podcasts perpetually pinned to the top of my homepage that I, a: gave a try and listened to once or b: simply opened to read the description and in both cases decided they weren't something I was interested in. And they Won't. Go. Away. 

What would be helpful is the option to pin my most played podcasts or playlists to the top...or they automatically get pinned to the top instead of these two completely irrelevant podcasts. 


If you don't want to remove podcast suggestions can you at least least let us choose which ones get to be in our home screen. I just really don't like seeing these things so early in the morning.


I'm canceling my family's plan due to this exact problem. 2 years of a documented issue and no action for a simple toggle in the settings. It's lazy and sloppy.


If your going to ignore the requests of premium paying customers to add the option to opt out of this **bleep** your forcing on peoples home screens then i will be jumping ship soo too.... This is ridiculous. I want to control what shows on my home screen so I don't have to scroll around since stuff keeps moving. I use this for music, my playlists, and the daily mixes, i dont care for podcasts ... or best of the joe rogan experience ... lol who the **bleep** is joe rogan.

let the people who dont pay for the app / service suffer through this **bleep** .. not the paying customers.

Its incredible that they seem to update the program every time I open the desktop app on my pc, but this thing that SO MANY people complain about isn't being patched/taken serious at all... 
They don't seem to care about their customers and the input we have. Especially not when they burn money on podcasters nobody wants to listen to...It must be hard to swollow the fact that they made a wrong turn betting on podcasts, so they try to force it upon us like never before...
They should have taken that money and thrown it at the musicians instead...  
And the new layout/gui in the desktop app sucks. Whoever designed it should be ashamed.

Hi there folks,


Thank you for your replies and feedback.


In this case we suggest that you head over to the idea that's been provided in the thread.


You can read more about how your feedback reaches Spotify here.


Let us know if we can help you with anything else.


Take care!

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That suggestion has nearly 3k votes, and yet it's been dismissed as something that will not be addressed. So I guess Spotify doesn't listen that much to feedback? Thanks for giving us the big middle finger!

It's funny to call something "home" and then refuse (that's the result of the suggestion) to allow people to customize it. I've never come home to find the city or landlord has reorganized my furniture, telling me to submit a petition if I want the fridge out of the living room, and then rejects the petition even when it has enough signatures. I mean, I've never had anyone come and rearrange my home to their desires and not mine in the first place.


This issue has really shined a light on what Spotify thinks of its customers. Thank you.

Me too! I've NEVER listened to one & did NOT sign up & pay for this to get anything but MUSIC!!! More & more I am seriously going towards



My family has asked to switch to PANDORA. We're sick of the mouth service. We paying customers shouldn't have to do a bunch of fiddling. The settings menu needs to be updated so we, again, paying customers, are able to select what we want & don't with a quick click of a mouse or tap on the app.

Again, Spotify....YES! This service is not inexpensive but it behaves as it is.

This just adds to an already AWFUL GUI. Spotify, you are a mess, make a separate app for podcasts!!! What's next, audiobooks in the same app? Just because I LISTEN to your app, don't CRAM and DOG-PILE all kinds of BS into my app.


I want MUSIC in my Spotify, not FORCED FED Podcasts that you overpaid for and you now have to promote.

That idea has over 3000 votes and is marked not right now, why push us to something you just ignore?

7 Months after my initial reply I come back to report that this issue has only gotten worse, what bothers me the most is how the podcasts take the Second Row on my home feed, I honestly hate this **bleep**.

To add more fuel to the fire the PC responses we get from staff are useless and asking us to suggest ways to deal with this is nonsensical... Having an option to turn off podcast recommendation from the home feed is all that we are asking.

I would had liked to explore some podcast on my own will but now I'm just too jaded and want them out of my experience completely.


Same is it ever was... Remove this **bleep** junk forced advertisement please. Stop trying to be the worst parts of radio.


I know this is isn't even an engineering issue, it's a marketing one, and it's one whose stakeholder is NOT going to budge on this, so I say let's get LOUDER, people.


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