[TV][Connect] Where is spotify app?

[TV][Connect] Where is spotify app?



I'm from Argentina and I'm a philips 40pug6700/77 customer.
In this page, say that spotify app should be available for my TV in my country. But there isn't.
I can't find the app either pre installed on my tv or in android play store.
My tv is up to date with the last firmware.

Here you can find the tv spects where you can see that spotify is an available app.


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Can you answer the man!?

Hi nenriquez


I don't have a Philips TV and I am in the UK, but I have searched on the Philips website and found the Spotify app in Philips' TV App Gallery for the UK. Then I tried changing country to see what's available for Argentina in the Gallery and it's NOT there, although Deezer is there for both our countries.


Have you tried contacting Philips to ask why it's not in their TV App Gallery?  It might not be Spotify's fault that Philips haven't included the Spotify app, although I can't say whether there may be some agreement between the two companies that is unresolved.

Hi @saved!

First, thanks for your reply. My Phillips tv is an Android tv. For that reason it doesn't have the Philips' TV App Gallery.
Instead, it does have a Android play gallery. I've contacted phillips' customer service. They can't upload the spotify app because they aren't the spotify's android account manager. This sounds coherent.


Anyway, thanks for your reply.



That's a pity. I hope you do get it sometime. 🙂

Yes that's a pity.
I've found a workaround using a third party app called "Emma for spotify".
There isn't the same but its ok while I'm waiting for definitive solution.


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