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This Song Is Not Available


This Song Is Not Available



I am a premium use for about 3 years now and I have never had any issues with Spotify on my Android until about a week or two ago. Now it constantly stops in the playlists and it constatnly says "Song is not available" when I know it is, even if it is downloaded and in offline mode! I can play all the same songs on my desktop, but my phone won't play anything!


For example, I will have a playlist of about 45 songs from all different artists and such. It would always play all the songs and all of them are on Spotify and available. So I hit shuffle and of the 45 songs it will play maybe 7. So when I check why it did not play all the other songs, it says "This song is not available". I have whole albums in my saved folder that are "not avialable" according to the Spotify app....


What is going on? I downloaded Pandora, but I really don't want to cancel Spotify....Please help!


Also, I have a Samsung S7 Edge with Android Version 6.0.1



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Thanks to all the community for help in a number of instances like this one. One of the solutions found on a thread usually works. Your experience nicely illustrates the situation: diverse problems occurring at random intervals, each problem yielding to only one of a diverse set of solutions in each case. This description would also serve as a disclaimer for what to expect when volunteering to beta test software. The Spotify UI is not in beta. If it were, there would be engineers following this and rendering solutions not just work-arounds. Clearly this is not the case. We and the UI are abandoned to our own ragged devices.


I am sympathetic to Spotify's financial situation and deeply grateful for the great expanse of the library beyond current hits. I deprecate their choice to put their energies into becoming a social platform like everyone else. They can't win that one; already each of us has more feeds than she wants to deal with every day. There is an opportunity right now to create a clean and intuitive music interface, which, because it is hard to do, will establish Spotify as the music platform for the foreseeable future. Facebook Music and Twitter Music can provide suggested playlists and link to it.


Let me venture to speak for Steve Jobs who is otherwise occupied in turning over. Create a beautifully engineered User Interface, refine it untill it yields a delightful User Experience. Everything else will fall in line. 



I will try this method later tonight. I'm having the same issue since couple of days. Thanx for the post


I've tried this method for couple of times. It's true it solves the problem, but NOT permanently. The problem keeps on going back after minutes/hours/days.




Same here, I had similar issue. There are some songs and albums that said "This song is not available. If you have the file on your computer you can import it" but there is something weird. There is an album that USED to be unavailable but when I checked it again a few weeks later, it became instantly available without me doing anything. I am really confused, pls help.

They took it off because of THE CONTANT IS NOT AVAILABLE IN OUR COUNTRY...I am very upset because they JUST now wanna make it not available for the country?!?

Yeah you were right I realised that I only had this problem with battery saver on (OnePlus 3, Android 6.0.1).

Thanks for the help! Hope the devs fix this bug soon.

Songs play on my mobile app but not on my computer

Same here

Marked as solution

had the same problem here on windows. After reinstalling rebooting etc and talking to customer support (which was great btw), solved the issue. It seemed to be a driver issue, after reinstalling the driver all worked again.




I am having this same issue now but only on my Macbook. Even songs that used to play just fine now won't play. I have restarted the app on my macbook and logged out and logged back into the application and it will not play certain songs. It is super weird. Spotify staff, any explination for why this is happening? 

All you need to do is to download the song to mp3 and go to your local files on the desktop Spotify and add it to a playlist or make one and there you go you can listen to it again it works for every song if you can find the song in YouTube 

All you need to do is download the song in to mp3 and than go to your desktop Spotify in local files and put that song in a playlist or make a playlist

how were you able to talk to customer service? spotify doesn't have a call number

I have the same problem. On Windows at computer I can listen to an album, but on my phone (Samsung) only 4 songs from an entire album are available. I am a premium user.

Can someone please help me?

My spotify will play every other song except 1 specific album, it keeps telling me: "The song is unavailale"

I've tried changing my pc soundcard and nothing works.

I live in the caribbean and i've used VPN changers and everything but nothing works.


I had a similar problem. Some tracks would not play on my linux desktop but no prob on Android. I solved the problem by simply closing spotify, then on a terminal

rm -R ~/.config/spotify

 start again spotify and everything was in place



y'all got laptops and computers but i have iphone..and some songs are not unavailable for me. So i get frustrated

Im on a windows pc. 


My headphone jack wasnt connected properly and that made spotify wig out. Reconnected and rebooted and now its all gravy. 


Might help. 

i have the same problem. I tried all the suggestions of the previuos users but nothing work . I have this problem on s8 and iphone. i m getting frustrated.

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